Your Checklist for Hiring a Foundation Crack Repair Expert

Finding the best home improvement contractor can be challenging.

With social media, online reviews, and websites, there is so much information available online. But, how do you know what to actually look for?

Below, we have compiled a checklist to help you hire the right foundation crack repair expert.

1. Home Foundation Crack Repair Experience

When searching for home foundation crack repair services, ask potential contractors about their years of experience.

Being a newer company doesn’t mean they won’t be able to do the job, but it’s something that needs to be discussed ahead of time.

You may also want to check a company’s online reviews and social media presence to see their interactions with customers.

2. Level of Expertise

Learn a contractor’s specialties and expertise.

Have they repaired sinking foundations like yours, for example, or have they only done basic crack repairs? You need to know they’re capable of doing the job before you hire them.

Every company is different. You may find some that only do commercial projects or others that specialize in specific repairs like foundation lifting.

Whoever you hire needs to have knowledge of your specific issue and know the best way to fix it.

3. Portfolio of Past Projects

This is a great way to find out their success rate with former jobs and whether previous customers were satisfied with their work.

Many companies include past projects on their websites. If they don’t, you need to ask. They should have photographs and descriptions on file to share with you.

4. Certified Foundation Crack Repair Services

Why is it a good idea to only work with companies that provide certified residential foundation crack repair services?

Certified contractors need to go above and beyond to demonstrate they’re worthy of the certification. It’s also a great way to stay in the loop on the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

For example, USS is a proud member of the NAWSRC. Professionals from all of the country earn certifications from this association in structural repair, egress, basement air quality, and waterproofing.

5. Who is Doing the Foundation Work?

Here’s the last question you should ask a contractor: are you the one fixing my foundation or will it be subcontractors?

While subcontracting is a common practice, it’s concerning for some homeowners because they don’t know who they’re actually getting. Don’t hire a company until you find out if they use subcontractors.

It’s also smart to ask if they offer warranties of work and how they structure pricing (estimates vs. fixed pricing).

Use This Checklist To Hire a Professional

We recommend using this checklist as you call for foundation repair quotes. The more you find out ahead of time, the easier it’ll be to hire the right foundation crack repair expert.

USS lists all of this information on our website to make it easier for potential clients to learn more about us.

Call us today at 847-382-2882 if you have any questions about foundation repairs or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.