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At USS, we want all homeowners and commercial property owners in Wheaton to be confident about the condition of their foundations. Learn more about the foundation repair and waterproofing services we provide in Wheaton below!

Residential Services

Wheaton is considered by many to be one of the nicest places to live in Illinois. Regardless of if you live in Danada, Stonehedge, Farnham, or one of the city’s other great neighborhoods, you want peace of mind that your home will be structurally sound for years to come.

If you have any concerns at your Wheaton home related to simple cracks in the foundation, water seepage issues in your basement or crawlspace, or possible structural foundation movement or damage, please contact USS for an honest, experienced evaluation of your home today.

Commercial Services

As the county seat of DuPage County, Wheaton is a prime commercial location.

If you have a new construction project in Wheaton that has additional deep foundation support specified by your structural engineer or architect, or if you have an existing industrial, apartment, or condo building experiencing structural foundation issues or floor slab issues, please contact USS to set up an evaluation of the project.

Property Managers, Real Estate Transactions and
Structural Engineers

If you are a property manager, active in real estate, or a structural engineer in Wheaton, you can trust USS with your foundation and waterproofing needs.

For decades, USS has worked with property management companies, realtors, home buyers, home sellers, and structural engineering companies in DuPage County and provided them with the foundation inspections, repairs, waterproofing services, and general industry insight they need to accomplish their goals.

Property managers, board members, and maintenance professionals can turn to our project managers to:

  • Meet with your homeowners to discuss concerns over a repair
  • Attend board meetings to provide information, answer questions, and discuss upcoming projects
  • Forecast and budget for long-term projects
  • Guide you through capital expenditure projects

USS is always available to help you with foundation or waterproofing issues. We offer a variety of residential and commercial foundation services including the installation of helical piles, resistance piles, and helical tieback anchors, as well as foundation crack repairs, basement or crawlspace waterproofing, and more.

Realtors and buyers in Wheaton can call us after a licensed home inspector has completed their work and noted structural foundation concerns or waterproofing issues. Our team can inspect the property and provide you with a detailed report explaining the problems and specific costs for repairs.

Conversely, we can also provide an honest evaluation for people selling their homes. We’ll inspect the foundation for any damage or waterproofing issues and generate a report with specific repair costs included. This will allow you to make the necessary repairs before listing your home.

Structural engineers can draw on the knowledge of our project managers to get answers to questions on the installation side of your project. We can work with you on installation procedures, setup, and even provide product specifications from our manufacturers.

We often work alongside engineers working on structural foundation repairs or new construction helical piers. An installer’s perspective can often make a world of difference.

For more information, call us at 847-607-1202 or request a free consultation by submitting the form at the top of this page.