Wall Anchors Chicago

Water from the Spring storms ca get into the soil around your foundation in Chicago, it can become a major problem. Soil expands and puts hydrostatic pressure on the walls of your basement. This can cause a multitude of problems including bowing walls, leaning walls, and foundation wall cracks. When you see these symptoms appear, it is time to call the wall anchors Chicago team at United Structural Systems before your problem turns into foundation failure.

What do wall anchors do?

Wall anchors are a good financial solution to your bowing and leaning basement walls. These wall anchors are designed to add structural support and strength for walls in your foundation that are structurally weak. The wall anchors are not too hard to install and can provide support for years to come, helping you protect your biggest investment, your home. This will keep you from having to rebuild your foundation with a huge expense, involving jacking up the home, tearing down and rebuilding the foundation. We can install wall anchors quickly and with minimal disturbance to the soil around your home.

You may want to consider exterior drainage and interior drainage solutions from our basement waterproofing repair solutions in conjunction with your wall anchor solution. After the repair, you will want to protect the foundation by making sure that water moves away from your foundation. Our basement waterproofing solutions of sump pumps, pits, vapor barriers, and interior and exterior drainage can provide you with that preventative maintenance solution to keep your foundation and home dry for years to come.

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