Tile Cracks in Chicagoland

Tile cracks in chicago floors

It can be very disappointing to find that your favorite bathroom or kitchen tile has cracks in it. Cracked tile is unattractive, and replacing it can be expensive. However, instead of simply replacing the tile and forgetting about it, homeowners should look into the cause of the cracking tile. It isn't always an isolated experience - more often than not, the tiles are cracking because of a problem with your home's slab or foundation. Foundation problems can cause your home and floors to shift and crack, and these shifts in turn cause your tiles to crack. Instead of replacing the tile and moving on, it would be helpful for both you and your home to have your foundation inspected for more issues. For any tile cracking problems in the Chicagoland area, turn to the professionals at USS!

Your home's foundation naturally sinks over time. Poor construction methods, or uneven, unstable soil, can cause major shifts that affect your entire home. Sticking doors or windows, cracks in the floor and walls, leaning or bowing walls, and water in your basement or crawlspace are common problems that you may experience. If your tile is bonded directly to the concrete beneath it, any shift in that concrete caused by a sinking foundation will make the tile shift as well. These shifts in tile can also allow in excess moisture beneath your tile, creating the ideal conditions for mold growth. United Structural Systems has the foundation repair in Chicagoland solutions.


Helical Piles

Tile cracks and helical piles for chicago il homes

United Structural Systems has many options available for correcting tile cracks. Primarily, you may want to contact your installer and replace the tile. However, if that's all you do, your tile will most likely crack again.

Having your home's foundation or slab inspected for structural problems is your best bet and can save you money in the long run. We can install helical piles to support your home and keep it from sinking and cracking further. Helical piles are easy to install and load tested immediately after installation. Installing helical piles usually corrects most problems like cracking tiles and sticking windows

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Steel Piers

Steel piers are another option for repairing tile cracks caused by foundation settlement. Steel piers offer many advantages because they are strong, durable, and easy to install without causing disruption to your property. Steel piers are an end bearing pier that are load tested immediately after installation to lift and support failing foundations. They are designed to stabilize your home and keep it from sinking and cracking further.

We can also fill cracks with an epoxy injection designed to keep the cracks from expanding and moisture from getting into the space. If you've experienced tile cracks or other problems, contact United Structural Systems today. We have solutions for all your tile cracks Chicagoland problems and so much more.

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