Foundation Crack Repair Services

Cracks are a common problem and can develop in any home’s concrete foundation regardless of the age of the home. Not every crack is a problem, but as a homeowner, you should know when they are a symptom of a bigger problem.

What causes a foundation crack?

  • Stress or soil settlement along the footing of the structure
  • Hydrostatic pressure on the foundation from high water levels
  • Expansive clay soils that swell or shrink
  • Poor drainage in your yard
  • Plumbing leaks

If not addressed professionally, the cracks can grow larger, resulting in a greater opportunity for water seepage and damage to your home. In a worst-case scenario, they can result in structural damage. 

Don’t wait to call us if you have cracks in your basement or crawlspace. Immediate foundation repair is the wisest choice to protect your home. 

United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. offers two options for foundation crack repair:

Option 1

Contact us at (847) 382-2882 and request a service technician to repair your cracked foundation as soon as possible. Our office staff will provide you with guaranteed pricing and a repair description over the phone. Everything can be done with one phone call. No salesperson or estimator required.

Option 2

Contact us at (847) 382-2882 if you would like a trained field estimator to come out and write an estimate of services. This option can be helpful if you’re unsure about whether there is a problem with your foundation. 

Foundation Crack Repairs

USS has been repairing foundation cracks throughout Illinois for over 30 years. We have experience using multiple foundation repair techniques to seal cracks permanently. 

Low-Pressure Liquid Epoxy Resin Injection

The USS interior low-pressure epoxy injection process monolithically welds the structure together. This welding restores the concrete to its original strength and structural qualities. Our liquid epoxy injection seals the foundation and creates an impervious barrier to water seepage, including the thinnest of concrete fractures.

Urethane Expansive Epoxy Injection

Polyurethane grout is an expansive foam-like material designed to stop water infiltration. However, urethane injection does not offer structural benefits to the repair. When installed properly, urethane injection is most commonly used around pipe penetrations, water lines, tie rods or to fill foundation cracks that are open dramatically due to structural movement causing a large void to be filled.

Exterior Foundation Crack Repair

When accessing the foundation crack from the interior is not possible, we will excavate from the outside of the home. This involves digging from the grade level down to the foundation footing, exposing the crack at a minimum of 6 inches on both sides. 

The foundation wall is ground and scraped clean. HLM 5000 waterproofing primer is applied to the foundation surface. Once cured, a bituthene membrane is applied and attached to the foundation surface. 

This is the most effective repair for sealing a crack from the exterior. It’s more labor-intensive and can be damaging to your landscaping, concrete or other items outside. USS recommends foundation crack repair be done by epoxy injection from the interior when possible.

Foundation Crack Stitching and Plating

If the foundation slab is on grade-style construction, the crack is larger than normal, and a crack is seen on the exterior of your home, USS will excavate to the bottom of your foundation footing, typically digging a 30″ x 30″ pilot hole. 

The crack is sealed with HLM 5000 waterproofing sealant and a bituthene membrane is installed. USS will then install a 3/8” thick steel crack plate over the surface of the crack, tying the wall together. It’s anchored to the foundation using six galvanized concrete anchor bolts, three on each side.

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