Resistance Piles & Micro Piles

What happens to your commercial building, warehouse, condominium or apartment building when the foundation is starting to settle or sink? This problem doesn’t have to be permanent, and there is something you can do about it.

United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. recommends resistance pile installation for any commercial buildings suffering from a settling or sinking foundation.

Resistance piles, push piers or hydraulic driven piers are hydraulically driven deep into the subsurface to proper load-bearing strata. They are used for vertical settlement or sinking.

Once deep enough into the ground, these piers are used to permanently stabilize, and if possible, correct the existing structure. Resistance piles are designed as end-bearing piers, meaning their strength comes from the soil at the end of the pier. They are driven into the soil to reach a greater pressure than the structure’s weight, and then the weight of the structure will be transferred to the pile.

USS has effectively secured commercial foundations with resistance piles. Read some of our commercial resistance piles installation case studies on our blog to learn how we fixed sinking or settling foundations for apartment buildings and condominiums.

Schedule a free consultation with us today if the foundation of your commercial building is settling or sinking.

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