Helical Tie Back Anchor Installation

Many homeowners with basements have had to deal with bowing, bulging or inward leaning walls. This is a common affliction caused by foundation damage. If this is happening to your foundation walls, United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. recommends helical tieback anchor installation. 

Early Signs of Bowing Walls

Regularly check your basement or foundation walls for the following warning signs:

  • Displacement of the top of the wall
  • Large foundation cracks running at an angle 3-6 feet from the corner of the wall
  • Horizontal angle fractures that have rotated inward
  • Vertical steel I-beams and columns pushing inward from the wall, or the pockets pushing through and breaking the exterior concrete

Schedule a free consultation with us if you notice any of these happening to your basement wall.

What Causes Bowing Walls?

Causes of bowing or bulging walls include:

  • Improper draining causing expansive clay around the foundation to exert a large amount of pressure
  • Consolidation of the fill soil
  • Inoperative drain tile or drainage systems
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Pooling water on the surface near the foundation wall
  • Other environmental factors like too much water in the soil

You may also have to consider foundation helical tieback anchors if you’re adding on to your building or changing the elevation of the new foundation wall.

How are Helical Tieback Anchors Installed?

These anchors are an easy and permanent solution to basement walls that are bulging or bowing. For installation, the lead section of the helical pier is placed through a hole from the outside. A tieback is advanced into the soil at an approximate 15-degree angle.

The tieback is driven into the ground until it reaches proper soil torque. At this point, the wall is stabilized so no future movement will occur. Installers can also realign your wall to its original position.

Hiring USS to install helical tieback anchors is a quick, easy and less invasive repair. They can permanently secure and realign your foundation walls to prevent structural failure.

Contact us now if you have questions about the repair process or helical tieback anchor specifications.

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