Helical Pile Installation

United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. has worked with many commercial businesses across Illinois on stores, factories, plants, or distribution centers only to discover the need for additional foundation support. That’s when we recommend helical pile installation. 

What is a Helical Pile?

Helical piles, also referred to as helical piers, resemble large steel screws that are advanced into the ground on a drive head attached to a backhoe or skid steer. The steel pile is drilled into the ground like a corkscrew.

Soil torque is monitored every step of the way and actually increases the deeper the pile goes. Installers use a gauge attached to the drive head to keep track of the soil torque. They need to reach an exact level and torque to ensure foundation stability.

Once the lead section of a helical pile is installed, extensions are added as the pile goes deeper. The pile will permanently support the weight of the foundation once it’s driven to the proper soil torque.

Where Can Helical Piles Be Used?

There are many uses for helical piles. United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. installs helical piles on existing foundations when they’re settling or sinking.

Most of our helical pile foundation installations are on lighter-weight existing structures:

  • Shallow foundations on homes
  • Sunrooms
  • Three season rooms
  • Front porches
  • Deck foundations
  • Home additions like a second story

Helical piles are installed to strengthen and support the existing foundation and prevent the structure from continuing to settle. They can be installed on an existing foundation when additional weight is being added to a structure like a second story. We use them to prevent further sinking or settling.

Helical piles can also be used to secure commercial buildings. These projects include renovations or additions to industrial buildings. Read some of our commercial helical pile installation case studies to learn how we helped companies like Amazon, The Fox Valley Mall, or The University of Illinois at Chicago.

Are you planning a home renovation or addition soon? Schedule a free consultation with one of our foundation repair experts to find out if you’ll need additional supports like helical piles.

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