Foundation Repair in Rosemont, IL

Foundation Repair And Basement Waterproofing In Rosemont, Il

The village of Rosemont, Illinois is located northwest of Chicago in Cook County. Rosemont is a bustling center of entertainment, and commercial activity. This is largely due to its location, since it is near several interstates. The amount of large commercial structures in Rosemont makes foundation repair an extremely important service for the area. Fortunately, the foundation repair team at United Structural Systems can assess the problem in your home or business and find a solution that makes sense for you.

We can provide you with foundation repair products for any of the issues in your residential or commercial structure.

Investing in a foundation repair solution from will help to prevent the following structural issues in your home:

  • Bowing Basement Walls: This is a problem that occurs when the soil pressure around your foundation causes the walls of the basement to bow or lean inward. Bowing walls can be fixed by installing soil nails or tiebacks to pull the wall straight.
  • Sinking or Sloping Floors: Sinking or sloping floors are the result of a foundation that has started to shift or settle due to lack of support from underneath. Sinking floors can lead to several issues, including water leakage and wall cracks, and should be repaired by installing helical anchors or steel piers right away.
  • Cracks in the Foundation: Foundation cracks indicate that your home's foundation has settled or shifted. The solution to this issue is to install foundation piers such as steel piers under the foundation. These piers support the foundation and the structure above to ensure that it is at the proper level.
  • Sticking Doors or Windows: If the windows and doors in your home do not open or close properly, it could be a sign of a settling foundation, which can be repaired with one of our many underpinning solutions.
  • Basement Water Problem: Wet basements and water stains are usually caused by cracks in the foundation or foundation walls and can be solved using tiebacks to straighten bowing basement walls, or piers, which are installed beneath the foundation to offer support and stabilization.

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Basement Waterproofing in Rosemont, Illinois

We offer basement waterproofing services as well as foundation repair options. These waterproofing and drainage solutions can help to keep your home comfortable and dry, preventing future issues from occurring. Exterior drainage is normally the first step in making sure your home is well equipped to deal with moisture. Drainage systems for the outside of your home consist of drain and pipe systems, the gutters and downspouts, and the strategic design of the landscaping and grading around your home. When put together, these components all help to keep water our of your yard and away from your foundation.

To remove water that has entered the basement, let us install an interior drainage system. The drainage pipes and channels help to collect water in the home and carry it to the sump pump system, which stores the water and then pumps it out of the home when necessary. This prevents issues such as mold growth and water damage.

If you are in need of foundation repair or waterproofing services in Rosemont, IL, call us 847-607-1202 today.