Basement Waterproofing in Plainfield, Illinois

Foundation Repair In Plainfield, Il

Plainfield, IL is a village of about 40,500 that is located near the western edge of the Chicago area. The village is fast growing, with new businesses and homes being constructed constantly. With all of these new structures going up, it is important to make sure that they are safe and well protected from the dangers of water damage. USS can aid you with any type of basement waterproofing solution for your Plainfield, Illinois home.

There are a variety of different water problems that can occur in your home and basement.

A few of the most troubling wet basement problems and how to fix them are listed below:

  • Water Stains: Water stains occur when water runs down the basement walls after seeping through cracks in the wall or gaps between the walls and the foundation. The best way to keep this from happening in your home is to have a waterproofing membrane out on the outside of the foundation and a drainage board installed to help channel the water down and away from the foundation.
  • Mold Growth: This happens when the moisture and humidity in your home create a damp environment suitable for mold. The way to stop mold growth is to invest in a sump pump system along with interior drainage. This will remove water that has collected in your basement and reduce humidity. Vapor barrier installed along crawlspace walls can also help to seal out water and prevent future mold or mildew problems.
  • Crumbling Foundation: Crumbling foundations are the result of water collecting in puddles around your foundation. This water then seeps into the concrete, weakening it and making it more susceptible to crumbling or flaking. Make use of exterior drainage techniques such as drywells, catch drains, and underground drainage pipes to avoid marshy patches in your yard and keep water from ruining your foundation.

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Foundation Repair Services in Plainfield, IL

Foundation repair methods can also help to keep your home stable and free of harmful moisture. Sinking and settling foundations are very alarming for most homeowners, and can lead to a wide array of structural issues in all areas of the home. There are, however, solutions to right a settled foundation. The best way to support such a foundation is to install helical piers or steel push piers. These piers are installed using a process called underpinning, which involves sinking the piers into the ground under the affected foundation until they are anchored in the stable soils deep below the surface. Next, the weight of the foundation is shifted onto these well-anchored piers, allowing them to lift and stabilize the entire home.

Another solution for foundations that have started to shift or sink is to use mud jacking to fill voids under the foundation. Mud jacking involves pumping a durable grout under the foundation to fill in any voids or spaces that may have been behind the settling concrete.

If the issue involves a more lateral foundation movement, the best choice may be helical tiebacks or soil nails, These are installed in the ground next to the foundation, and apply horizontal pressure that counteracts the soil pressure causing the foundation to shift. Tiebacks and soil nails can also close foundation cracks that have formed as a result of soil pressure or moisture.

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