Foundation Repair in Palatine, Illinois

Foundation Repair For Sloping Floors In Palatine Il

Because Illinois consist of clay soil, many homes in Palatine will experience foundation failure over time. As the soil shifts and moves, so does the foundation. Your home may experience floor cracks, bowing walls or sloping floors. Fortunately, your foundation can be salvageable with the help of United Structural Systems. Our team of experts are fully trained to identify the source of your settlement so you can avoid costly repairs and further foundation damage.

Because clay soil in Palatine is extremely porous, it swells when wet and shrinks during dry conditions. This inconsistence weather pattern causes settling and sinking foundations in homes and buildings.

Common signs of foundation failure may include:

If you notice any of these warning signs, give us a 847-607-1202 call. Foundation failure can also be caused by the following conditions:

  • Plumbing leaks: Leaky plumbing causes excess moisture and settlement issues.
  • Poor drainage: Improper gutters and grading causes saturated soil near and beneath foundations.
  • Landscaping: Maturing tree and plant roots around and beneath the foundation can dehydrate the soil. This eventually leads to soil shrinkage and settlement issues.
  • Evaporation and drought: Excessive moisture followed by drought-like conditions can cause soil shrinkage. This fluctuating weather pattern causes the soil to pull away from the foundation, leading to settlement and cracks through the home's structure.
  • Poor construction: Since most home builders aren't foundation experts, they use poor building materials that weaken the support and structure of your foundation.

At USS, we use foundation repair methods to repair and prevent foundation problems. Our products include helical piers and steel piers that are designed to get your foundation back to its original position. Both of these piers are driven deep into the ground until they reach stable soil. Once the piers are installed, they are load tested and lifted onto the piers to level the foundation.

To repair bowing and leaning walls, we use helical tiebacks to straighten your walls. A small hole is drilled inside the basement through the outside, then helical tiebacks are installed to pull the walls back to the correct position.

For all of your foundation issues, give USS a call 847-607-1202 today. We serve the resident in Palatine, IL with professional service.

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Basement Waterproofing in Palatine, Illinois

Basement Waterproofing For Wet Basements In Palatine, Il

After a heavy rainstorm, does your basement flood? Basement flooding is a homeowner's worse nightmare. They not only make homes unstable, they ruin carpet, furniture and walls. They also promote mold and mildew growth that can lead to serious health issues. If your home encounters flooding on a regular basis, it's important to look for obvious signs of water damage.

Some common signs include:

  • Water stains on walls
  • Wall cracks
  • Mildew and mold growth
  • Rusty appliances
  • Wood rot
  • Water puddles
  • Standing water

What causes basement flooding in Palatine, IL? There are many factors that lead to flooded basements, but the main culprit is water. Heavy rains cause soil to swell and create pressure against foundation walls. As the pressure increases, it produces cracks in the walls. Also, walls may start to bow or lean, allowing water to seep through the cracks.

The most common causes of basement flooding are caused by the following:

  • Plumbing leaks from burst or leaking pipes
  • Leaky basement windows or window wells
  • Clogged gutters
  • Flooded yard or standing water
  • Leaky basement foundation caused by cracks

If you have any of these water-related issues, contact our experts today. Ignoring these problems could lead to serious foundation problems and structural issues. At USS, we offer basement waterproofing solutions in Palatine IL. They include:

  • Interior drainage
  • Sump basins
  • Sump pumps installation and repair
  • Exterior drainage

Our basement waterproofing methods are designed to eliminate mold growth and protect your foundation by reducing moisture levels in your home. They also direct away from your foundation to keep your home safe and dry for years to come. You would never have to worry about a wet basement again especially after it rains.

For wet, damp crawlspaces, we also offer crawlspace repair which includes crawlspace encapsulation. This system uses vapor barriers to prevent mold growth, insect infestation and protects foundations from water damage. Because the vapor barrier is thick and puncture resistant, it guards against moisture.

For basement waterproofing in Palatine, IL, Contact USS today. Don't wait until water destroys your home. We serve the Palatine area so give us a call 847-607-1202 today. Let us increase the longevity of your foundation.