Foundation Repair in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Oak Lawn, Illinois, is a great place to be! Although they may be small, they're a quality and friendly community with plenty to do! Residents know that even though Chicago is only a 15 minute drive, they can experience great dining and recreation right there in their own village!

There's so many things to look for when you need a company to fix your foundation or repair your basement. There's customer service, prices, products, and what services they offer. Here at United Structural Systems of Illinois, customer service is very important! We make sure to treat you right, and will give you a good price for our great products! For all of your foundation repair needs, we offer helical piles, steel push piers, soil nails, helical tiebacks, mudjacking, wall bracing, micropiles, and waterproofing.

Basement Waterproofing in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Speaking of waterproofing, if your basement has water all over it, you might want us to do that, too. But that's not the only time you would need waterproofing for your basement! If you have cracks in your basement's walls or floor, or have bowing walls, that's also a good sign that your basement could be in need of one of our premium drainage systems! Almost 50% of the air in your house comes from the basement, so if you're breathing in mold and mildew from the water, you could have a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible! Look for these symptoms when determining if your basement will need foundation repairs: cracked walls, sloping floors, windows and doors that stick, doors and windows that are dislodged or out-of-place. Those are usually surefire signs that your house (rather, your foundation) needs fixing.

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For all of your foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs, come to us, United Structural Systems of Illinois! There's nothing we can't help with, so give us a call 847-607-1202 today!