Foundation Repair North Chicago, Illinois

While Chicago knows how to have fun, they're still part of the Midwest. That means that there's some sort of homey, hospitable charm that all people have here. North Chicago really makes you feel like that big city, small-town feel that some people find charming and welcoming. Whatever kind of city or personality you're looking for, North Chicago's sure to have it, just like North Chicago is sure to have the best foundation repair and basement waterproofing professionals like United Structural Systems.

And while mentioning the Midwest, it's no secret that the Midwest is crazy when it comes to weather. The weather here seriously changes in about two seconds. No matter what the weather man predicts, you've got to be prepared for every type of weather. Therefore, it's probably a good idea to get your home (mainly your basement) waterproofed. Here in the Midwest, it tends to be pretty moist, from the summer's thunderstorms, to the melting snow and rain in the spring, it can get pretty wet here. And you don't want water in your basement that can bring mold and mildew and cracks, do you? Of course not! That's why installing a drainage system is a great idea for waterproofing.

Basement Waterproofing North Chicago, Illinois

Drainage systems take the excess water from your foundation or basement and transfer it somewhere where it can't cause problems. Speaking of waterproofing, did you know that waterproofing also can fix foundation problems? When your foundation has too much water in it, it can crack and slip. If you think that you might have foundation problems, make sure by checking for these signs: cracked walls, sticking doors and windows, windows and doors that look out of place or dislodged, and sloping floors. For foundation repairs, we offer helical piles, steel push piers, soil nails, helical tiebacks, mudjacking, wall bracing, and micropiles, not to mention waterproofing.

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