Foundation Repair in Cicero, IL

Cicero, Illinois is a large Chicago suburb with a population of over 80,000. Several historical landmarks and the large public school district make it a desirable place for many people to settle. Because Cicero is located in the northern part of Illinois, however, it sees its fair share of extreme winter weather as well as hot and humid summers. These temperature extremes between seasons can be damaging for home foundations in the area. The team at United Structural Systems, however, offers professional foundation repair for your home.

Foundation Repair in Cicero, IL

We provide several different solutions for foundation problems. The best way to figure out which of these solutions is for you is to look for signs of foundation failure and determine the cause of your foundation problems. Common foundation problem causes and symptoms are listed below:

  • Foundation Settlement: symptoms include drywall cracks, gaps and spaces, sloped or uneven floors, stoop or stair problems, floor cracks, and leaning chimneys.
  • Foundation Shifting: Look for gaps and spaces, bowing and leaning basement walls, floor or wall cracks, ceiling cracks, and beam or post problems, to see if shifting is the issue.
  • Foundation Cracks: Signs that your problem may be foundation cracks include floor cracks, wall cracks, water leakage or seepage, water stains, or exterior brick or foundation cracks.

To repair settling foundations in your Cicero, IL home, we can install helical piers or steel push piers. These piers support the foundation by anchoring into stable, load-bearing stratum far beneath the surface of the ground. For shifting foundations, we offer helical tieback and plate anchor installation, both of which pull on the bowing or leaning foundation wall to fix shifting foundations. Foundation cracks can be closed using any of these methods to straighten or lift foundations, and can also be sealed using crack injection methods.

Basement Waterproofing in Cicero, Illinois

Basement Waterproofing in Cicero, IL

In the midst of dealing with foundation repair, it is important not to overlook waterproofing your home. Foundation repair and waterproofing go hand in hand - often, foundation problems are the cause of basement water issues and vice versa. This is why it is important to check for symptoms of basement water as you look over your home for foundation problems. If you notice mold growth, water stains, water pooling, musty odors, or cracks in the walls or floor, consider getting your Cicero, IL home waterproofed by United Structural Systems.

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We offer a range of different waterproofing systems to cover all areas of your home. For the outside of the home, we offer window well drains, downspout discharge, and exterior drainage. These solutions all work to drain away surface water and minimize groundwater entry. For the interior of the home, we offer interior drainage, sump pump systems, and vapor barriers. Interior drainage and sump pump systems gather water that has leaked into your home and pump it out of your home. The vapor barrier is installed inside the crawlspace to keep water from seeping through the concrete and causing mold growth and other moisture problems.

Whether you are looking for a foundation repair solution, a basement waterproofing system, or crawlspace encapsulation with a vapor barrier for your Cicero, Illinois home, contact the team at United Structural Systems today.