Foundation Repair in Bartlett, Illinois

Your home in Bartlett, Illinois, Il is built on expansive soil which means that it is constantly shifting beneath your foundation. When this type of soil is dry, it shrinks and when it is wet it expands. As the soil is shifting and moving, so is your home's foundation. This movement of the foundation can lead to foundation failure. The professionals at United Structural Systems of Illinois has solutions if you find that you are in need of foundation repair

Some of the signs to look for to see if you are in need of foundation repair are:

If you notice any of these signs of foundation failure, contact United Structural System of Illinois. We use underpinning products such as helical piers and steel piers to get your foundation back to its original level and structurally sound again. These piers are driven deep into the earth, through the unstable soil, to a solid bedrock. Once the piers are installed, they are individually load tested and then the entire structure is hydraulically lifted onto the piers, leveling your foundation.

Another sign of foundation failure is bowing walls. USS can repair bowing or leaning walls by installing helical tiebacks. These tiebacks will pull your wall back to its level position. We install helical tiebacks through a small hole inside your basement, then with outside excavation, the wall is immediately pulled back.

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If you are in need of concrete repair and leveling in Bartlett, Illinois, USS provides a mudjacking solution. This process injects a clay/cement slurry mixture beneath the affected concrete, filling the voids beneath it. This lifts and levels your concrete back to its original level. This is much more economical than replacing your concrete.

If you are going to build a new home or business in Bartlett, IL, USS offers new construction piers.

These new construction underpinning choices are:

It is hard to find supporting soils in Bartlett, IL when building a new home or business. These new construction piers will keep your home or business from foundation failure in the future.

If you are in need of foundation repair, concrete leveling, or new construction piers in Bartlett, IL, contact the trained professionals at United Structural Systems of Illinois.

Basement Waterproofing in Bartlett, Illinois

Don't let a wet basement cause you problems in your Bartlett, Illinois home. United Structural Systems of Illinois offers several solutions for basement waterproofing.

These solutions include:

Our basement waterproofing solutions will prevent mold and mildew from forming in your wet basement. When mold gets into the air you breath, it can cause health problems for you and your family. A wet basement also reduces living space and can ruin personal possessions. USS has the specialized equipment and products along with trained employees to get your basement waterproofing done so you won't have to worry about a wet basement again.

If you have a crawlspace in Bartlett, Illinois, United Structural Systems of Illinois offers crawlspace encapsulation. A wet crawlspace promotes the growth of mold and mildew, will rot the wood, and be an inviting place for rodents and insects. The vapor barrier that we use to encapsulate your crawlspace is thick and puncture resistant, so it will last for many years to come. Prevent moisture from entering your crawlspace with our crawlspace encapsulation solutions.

For all of your foundation repair, concrete leveling, basement waterproofing and crawlspace repair needs, don't hesitate to contact United Structural Systems of Illinois. We serve the entire Chicago metro area. We have the solutions for you!