Residential Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is often an unexpected expense for homeowners. Some signs of foundation damage need to be inspected by a professional, but others can be seen by almost anyone. If you believe that your  home may need foundation repair, you can trust United Structural Systems of Illinois to inspect your residential property for foundation damage. 

Residential foundation repair in chicago

Signs of Foundation Failure –

Signs And Symptoms Of Foundation Failure

Exterior of home or building

  • Cracks or separation in bricks and mortar
  • Gaps around doors and window frames
  • Chimney tilting, leaning or pulling away from house

Interior home and basement

  • Drywall cracks and separation over doors, windows and ceiling
  • Doors and windows sticking and frames pulled out of line
  • Trim or molding misaligned
  • Basement foundation cracks
  • Bowed walls
  • Foundation seepage

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Causes for foundation failure

  • Evaporation or soil desiccation due to dry soil conditions causing soil to shrink and pull away from home.
  • Transpiration or mature tree roots dehydrating the soil around the foundation causing soil to shrink and the home to settle.
  • Poor Drainage in yard
  • Poor soil conditions due to expansive clays
  • Poor soil conditions due to original construction cut and fill

If you have these signs and symptoms you could be experiencing foundation failure. Call USS of Illinois, Inc. to have the foundation properly evaluated before it is too late.

USS of Illinois has the solution for you. Most repairs for sinking or settling foundations are completed structurally underpinning the building using:

  • Resistance/pressure piers hydraulically driven to load bearing stratum
  • Helical piers/ anchors installed to proper torque in the soil to support the building

United Structural Systems of Illinois is not just a commercial only foundation repair and waterproofing company. We are proud to offer all our underpinning solutions for residential repairs as well. Underpinning products are not just for large buildings, and we can find a great solution for your residential foundation repair Chicago needs today.

Did you know that helical piers, which are used in many commercial applications, are also great for lifting your garage column when it cracks, or a leaning chimney back into place? You can also use these piers to lift and support stairs and porches that may be damaged from settlement. Steel push piers can be used in home applications, as well. They can carry the weight of your home when the soil around your house is not stable enough. We can hydraulically drive these piers into the ground, then transfer the weight of the home to the piers for a permanent solution to foundation settlement.

As a homeowner in the Chicago area, there is a lot that you can watch out for that will tell you if foundation failure is in your future. It is wise to inspect your own basement, crawlspace, or foundation for these signs a few times a year. If you are vigilant, you can prevent further foundation problems, by calling United Structural Systems of Illinois when you see them occurring.

If you notice the following signs, contact us right away:

Foundation Repair Solutions in Residential Chicagoland area and Suburbs

These are all signs of foundation settlement and failure, but if you catch them early, we can find a foundation repair solution for your home, specific to your needs and budget. We offer free estimates, so you will know ahead of time what your project will entail. If you fix these problems before they become a real issue, you could save yourself a ton of money down the road.

USS of Illinois prides itself on serving the whole Chicagoland area for all their residential basement waterproofing Chicago needs, as well. With all the rain Chicago sees in the Spring, and snow melt from the Winter, homes in our area find themselves with wet basements and crawlspaces. We offer sump pumps, battery back up pumps, interior and exterior drainage, crawl space encapsulation, and much more. A dry basement or crawlspace is a healthy basement or crawl space, and means clean air for you and your family since so much of the air we breathe comes from our basement or crawl spaces. So for all your residential foundation repair Chicago and residential basement waterproofing Chicago needs, know that you can count on the best contractor in the Chicagoland area - USS of Illinois. Call us 847-607-1202 today for a free estimate!