Helical Anchors and Micropiles for New Construction

Helical Anchors For New Construction Projects In Chicago Il

When it comes to new construction piles, whether residential or commercial, deciding on a deep foundation system comes down to application, price and performance. United Structural Systems of Illinois will work with you and your engineer to design and layout your foundation plan to find the best application for you. Whether it is your home or office building, we have the products, equipment and expertise to make sure your foundation is supported for many years to come.

New construction underpinning choices

Deciding which deep foundation method is best suited for your project is the first step in our process. USS of Illinois uses the industry leading ECP helical torque anchors. In many cases, helical piles are the easiest to install, which leads to lower installed costs. With their predictable and verifiable load carrying capacity, helical piles or anchors are the choice of many in the engineering community. The selection of helical piles is often based on the need to maintain a clean job site, speed of installation, accessibility, vibration issues and the ability to verify load capacity immediately upon installation. Since there is no waiting on concrete, the project stays on time and in budget. Contact us to see how helical piles can be the most economical and time saving aspect of your project.

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Micropiles are another great choice for deep foundations in the Chicagoland area. Micropiles can withstand axial and/or lateral loads and are a good substitute for typical concrete piles as one component in a composite soil/mass, depending upon the design concept employed. Micropile installation causes minimal disturbance to adjacent structures, the soil and the environment. Micropiles are a great option in access restrictive areas and in all soil types. Since the installation procedure causes minimal vibration and noise, they are many times used to underpin existing structures. New construction micropiles rely on high capacity steel elements and skin friction to resist the applied loads.

No matter whether you use helical piles or micro piles, USS of Illinois’s experts will help to assess and analyze the required loads and available geotechnical data. Building on these findings, our team of deep foundation experts will conduct an analysis and plan to keep your project moving ahead. Our installation crews are recognized for their speed, professionalism and safety record across the Chicagoland area.

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