Is a Foundation Repair Warranty Important?

If you’re in the middle of researching home foundation repair services, one of the first questions you should be asking potential contractors is, “Do your services come with a warranty?”

The truth is every company handles warranties differently. Before hiring anyone, you want to know the exact terms and conditions of a foundation repair warranty.

Keep reading below to learn about the typical foundation repair warranty options available to individuals getting a home foundation repair.

Getting a Foundation Repair Warranty Is Worth It

Foundation problems don’t happen all of the time but when they do repairs can get expensive.

On top of that, filing a home insurance policy claim for a foundation repair can be tricky. Insurance companies sometimes cover foundation repairs if damaged by:

  • Home fires
  • A vehicle or aircraft crashing into your home
  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects, such as trees
  • Water damage from your A/C, heating, or plumbing systems
  • Severe windstorms
  • Sewer or water lines bursting, undermining the foundation
  • Explosions

Insurance companies want a very specific and direct cause to determine why the foundation was damaged.

But, what if your foundation wasn’t damaged by a natural disaster or direct cause? Then, you may not be able to use a homeowner’s insurance claim to help offset the repair costs.

Tips for Selecting a Service Warranty

Here are two things you should know about selecting a foundation repair service warranty.

First, always choose a warranty from a reputable company. There are some contractors out there who hype up their warranties but often have hidden verbiage in the fine print that doesn’t actually offer anything of substance.

And, secondly, some companies don’t even offer warranties on their repairs. You should avoid them.

Below are the two types of warranties you’ll encounter when dealing with home foundation repair companies.

Partial Warranties

You’ll notice some companies offer a partial warranty, which could last anywhere from 5 to 25 years. For the most part, they’ll cover materials and labor for that specific job.

If you had five push piers installed on one side of your foundation, for example, a warranty would cover any adjustments to that project. It wouldn’t cover the rest of your foundation or home.

The disadvantage of this type of warranty is the timeframe. It expires fast, leaving you responsible for anything that happens later.

Lifetime Warranties

When it comes to residential foundation repair services, we prefer lifetime transferable warranties.

They won’t expire over the lifetime of your home and they can be passed on to a new homeowner if you ever sell.

But, we recommend always reading and understanding what is covered in the fine print. Some lifetime warranties will be voided if any resulting damage came from homeowner negligence or a lack of maintenance.

Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Repairing a damaged foundation is a big investment in your home. It’s important that you protect this investment and secure your personal finances by only hiring a company that offers a quality foundation repair warranty.

The longer your warranty the better, but always take into account the company’s reputation. In some cases, a reputable company offering a shorter warranty may be worth it.

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