How to Fix Foundation Cracks from the Outside

There is a big difference between foundation repair inside vs. outside your home.

USS has a tested and proven method for both interior and exterior repairs. If your basement is finished, and removal and replacement of drywall are too costly, we can repair it from the exterior.

Inside repairs to foundation cracks are generally faster and less expensive because the crack is exposed on unfinished basement and crawlspace walls. Outside repairs may cost more because the foundation crack must be excavated and exposed along the entire depth of the foundation.

With a basement, this means creating a hole that is 9-feet deep and 3-feet by 3-feet wide to expose the entire crack. It also requires the landscape or other exterior items to be removed. 

Keep reading below to learn how residential foundation crack repair services are done on the exterior of your home. 

What Causes Your Foundation to Crack?

There are several possible reasons why your foundation is cracking.

  • Changes in soil from drought to filled water from heavy rains
  • Original concrete curing and the forming of shrinkage cracks
  • Poor drainage around your home
  • Expansive clay soil
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Eroding soil
  • Concrete naturally breaking down

If left unrepaired, the cracks can grow larger, water can seep into your home, and, at worst, create structural foundation problems.

We recommend checking your foundation for cracks regularly. These cracks may run vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or in a stair-step pattern.

Foundation cracks are a natural and expected occurrence with all concrete foundations.

While you don’t want any cracks in your foundation, some are worse than others. Vertical cracks are a sign of natural settling and most common, but you should seek a home foundation crack repair if they take on a horizontal, diagonal, or stair-step pattern. This could mean your foundation is experiencing structural movement or damage.

Repairing and sealing small cracks early on will save you major headaches down the road.

How Can We Fix Foundation Cracks from the Outside?

We can repair your foundation from inside or outside of your home, but in this article we want to describe how we do it from the exterior.

First, we’ll conduct a full excavation of the foundation footing. This means our heavy machinery will dig a pilot hole in your yard measuring approximately 3-feet by 3-feet. It’ll allow us to get a good look at your foundation.

Our next step would be adhering a Bituthene Waterproofing Membrane to the foundation wall. Developed by GCP Applied Technologies, versions of this membrane are used all over the world to seal foundations, decks, roofs, tunnels, as well as basement and crawlspace walls.

And, finally, our team will backfill the excavated area. The repair will be a permanent fix and stop water from seeping into your basement or crawl space.

Repairing Foundation Cracks Inside vs. Outside

There are various reasons your home foundation crack repair services would be done outside or inside.

To begin with, inside jobs are typically easier to complete. They involve cracks and voids in your foundation that can be filled with epoxy or polyurethane. Experts can also use straps or wall anchors to support a bowing wall.

Exterior projects are more complicated. They require excavation of your soil to reveal and repair a foundation wall. Repair experts use a proper sealant on the exterior to waterproof everything from the outside.

Other deciding factors may include project timelines, overall costs, the foundation’s accessibility, and inclement weather.

Foundation Crack Repair Services

Do you suspect there is a problem with your foundation, and you’re wondering if work needs to be done inside vs. outside? You should call a professional as soon as possible.

Call us today at 847-382-2882 if you have any questions about foundation repairs or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.