How to Choose the Right Foundation Repair Expert (Part 1)

Foundation repair services can get expensive. It’s important to hire the right foundation repair expert that is experienced, affordable and trustworthy.

Our team at United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. takes your home foundation repair seriously, and that’s why we developed this checklist to help you hire the right contractor for the job. We have so much advice to offer that we had to split it into three parts.

Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about getting home foundation repair services, and check out parts two and three.

Consider a Company’s Years of Experience

One of the first things you’ll want to find out is how long they’ve been in business. Or, more importantly, how many years of experience they have in residential foundation repair services.

Not that a newer company can’t do the job, but repairing foundations is highly specialized and it’s always a good idea to find a contractor with experience.

Besides reading their website, social media accounts and online reviews, you can also utilize tools like the Better Business Bureau. The important thing is that you’re doing research ahead of time. You may even want to ask for local references.

Do They Have Knowledge of Your Specific Problem?

Here’s something you may have never considered before, but even within the foundation repair industry there are very specific specialties.

You’ll find companies that can do it all and others that specialize in repairing basements or lifting foundations. Or, some that only do commercial projects versus residential.

Once a professional determines how your foundation is damaged, you’ll want to make sure they have knowledge of that issue. There may even be some cases where they say it’s not their specialty and refer you to a colleague.

Our services at USS, for example, include residential, commercial, property management, and real estate. We can also help you secure a referral for a structural engineer. 

Are They Discussing the Best Way to Fix It?

Often, there is more than one way to do the job. Therefore, when hiring a contractor to repair your foundation, you should ensure they’re discussing the best way to fix it.

Here at USS, we have every tool at our disposal to repair your foundation. We don’t apply just one repair method. Rather, we incorporate what is needed to get the job done right.

You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t being overcharged.

But, to be fair, the price of a repair can often increase unexpectedly based on the condition of your foundation, project schedule, the expertise needed and the cost of materials at that point in time.

Hire the Right Foundation Repair Company

Our company has a strong track record throughout the state of Illinois, and every decision we make is in your best interest.

Make sure to follow the advice we discussed above when researching prospective contractors. USS is happy to provide you with a free quote and scrutinize any other quotes you have received.

Call us today at 847-382-2882 if you have any questions about choosing a foundation repair service or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.