How Important is a Foundation Crack Repair Warranty?

You’ve probably heard of getting warranties for your refrigerator or laptop, but how about a foundation crack repair warranty?

Many home foundation crack repair companies offer this type of warranty to demonstrate you can trust their work and that they’ll come back if the issue reemerges.

The purpose of this article is to answer the question of how important are warranties?

The Fine Print of a Foundation Crack Repair Warranty

First of all, you should understand that foundation repair warranties are not one-size-fits-all. Every company issues different warranties with whatever stipulations they want to provide.

This means that you should carefully read the fine print when getting a foundation crack repair warranty. You want to know what is and isn’t covered.

On average, these warranties can last anywhere from no warranty at all to a lifetime transferable warranty like we offer at USS. Companies will select an increment in that range (a 10-year warranty, 25-year warranty, or lifetime warranty, for example).

Some will even provide homeowners with a lifetime warranty that transfers if they ever sell the property. Overall, warranties are a great way to protect an investment in your home and save money down the road. They’re also a helpful selling point.

The Best Type of Foundation Warranty

As a local, family-operated foundation repair company serving the Chicago metro area, USS completes thousands of crack repairs for hundreds of clients a year. We’ve seen it all and we always provide high-quality advice to homeowners.

Our team recommends asking for a lifetime transferable warranty because it doesn’t expire and will transfer to a new owner if the home is ever sold.

Now, we understand that not all foundation crack repair services will offer a lifetime warranty. In that case, you should consider the reputation of the company before agreeing to a shorter warranty.

Some companies never offer warranties, and these are the ones you should avoid when searching for residential foundation crack repair services.

Beware of Foundation Repair Upselling

Getting a warranty for your foundation repair not only brings peace of mind but could save you some money if a contractor needs to come back out.

Be cautious when hiring your foundation crack repair contractor.

When warranties are given to customers and a service call is required for a failed first repair attempt, contractors will try to upsell a different product or service if they ever have to return to make any adjustments. A claim can be made that a major foundation repair or upgrade is needed because the original service didn’t work due to outside factors besides the original repair simply failing.

In reality, the job wasn’t evaluated and estimated correctly the first time with a correct and permanent solution. Now, using an improper evaluation and repair scope to avoid service and warranty work should be an alert.

Ask for a Warranty

Now, we hope you understand the importance of getting a foundation crack repair warranty. USS believes these are very important, and when hiring a company you should always try to get a lifetime transferable warranty.

But, if it’s less than lifetime coverage, consider the reputation of the company before signing on the dotted line.

Call us today at 847-382-2882 if you have any questions about home foundation crack repair services or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.