How Do I Know if I Need Foundation Repair?

Have you noticed cracks around the interior basement or crawlspace walls or exterior of your home and wondered if there’s a problem with your foundation?

It’s estimated that a quarter of all homes will experience some kind of “structural distress” over their lifetime. Foundation issues can happen with any home but what’s important is how you deal with them.

Keep reading below to learn the signs of a damaged foundation, what can happen if you don’t fix it, and when it’s time to call for a foundation repair.

Signs You Have a Foundation Problem

As a homeowner, you should regularly inspect your foundation, especially if you have an older home.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Cracks across the interior or exterior of your home
  • Cracks appearing in a stair-step pattern in brick & mortar
  • Chimney pulling away from the home or leaning
  • Basement walls leaning or bulging
  • Large drywall cracks above doors or windows
  • Caulking separation from exterior doors or windows
  • Problems with leaking water in the basement or crawl space
  • Windows & doors pulled out of line and not functioning

These are the main warning signs that you may have a failing foundation.

The Long-Term Effects of Cracked Foundations

Home foundation repair costs can vary. As a result, some homeowners hold off on doing anything about it.

But, it will only get worse over time and costs of repair can increase significantly if not addressed.

Not only does waiting degrade the integrity of your home, but cracks also pose a health risk as seeping water leads to mold or mildew.

Often, the problem has more to do with what’s happening under your home. Moisture in the soil can cause the ground to become uneven.

Plumbing leaks, poor grading, or clogged water drainage make it worse. In this case, something will have to be done about the conditions around your home as well.

When Is It Time To Call a Foundation Repair Service?

One question we get asked all the time is, “When should I call for residential foundation repair services?” Our advice is to call a professional as soon as you notice one of the cracks we discussed above.

It may not look bad at first but it’s smart to stop it from developing into something more serious.

Some cracks may be repaired in minutes by applying epoxy but, in other cases, a much more invasive repair is required and will need to be done by a professional contractor. Call a foundation repair service as soon as you can to evaluate the situation.

Do some research ahead of time and find a licensed contractor that has experience in foundations and uses high-quality materials.

Worried About Your Foundation?

A foundation repair sounds scary but taking care of it early is the responsible and financially savvy thing to do. Putting it off will only cause more issues down the road.

Call us today at 847-382-2882 if you have any questions about your foundation or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation.