Soil Nail Solutions in Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL

Soil Nailing Underpinning Solutions For Chicago And Hoffman Estates Il

When contractors are in need of a more stable retaining wall, or they are completing a construction project that needs a temporary retaining wall, they often turn to soil nailing. Soil nailing has been used since the seventies for multiple different repairs and construction jobs. Soil nails, which can be a permanent solution or a short-term tool, are so effective because of their wide range of uses.

Common uses include stabilizing slopes or creating permanent soil nail retaining walls for your home, temporarily shoring so you can repair an already-existing wall, and helping to control ground movements and disturbances. If you need a soil nails installation in the Chicago area, you can count on the team at United Structural Systems to get the job done. We have years of experience in underpinning solutions and foundation repair methods like soil nail slope stabilization. You won't find a more qualified foundation repair team in the Chicagoland area.

Soil nailing should only be done by experienced soil nailing contractors. The professionals at United Structural Systems have the expertise needed for safe and effective soil nail construction

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The methods used include:

  • Excavation – A vertical cut is made below the elevation of the soil nails so that a suitable bench can be established for the installation of the nails at the proper angle.
  • Installation of nails – A drill is used to drill rigs the soil nail installation. These nails are typically installed on a 4 to 6ft horizontal and vertical grid pattern, with the drill hole inclination being 10 to 20 degrees from horizontal. Once the hole is drilled, the nail is installed.
  • Reinforcing and drainage – Once the excavation is made and the soil nails are installed, reinforcing material may need to be placed along the excavation to reinforce the concrete facing. If drainage behind the soil nail wall is a concern, a geotextile drain mat can be applied to the excavated earth face of the wall between the nails.
  • Shotcreting and installing bearing plates – Once the reinforcing and drainage are placed, the next step is to apply the shotcrete facing. In a temporary application, shotcreting is a method of tying the system together, providing a cover for the soil and retaining the soil between the nails.
  • Repeat steps to final subgrade – After the shotcrete has been installed and soil nails have cured for 3 days, the process is repeated in lifts until the subgrade elevation is reached.

Soil nailing began as a method of providing temporary earth support, but it has evolved as an economical method of providing a permanent, finished wall. Let the professionals at United Structural Systems provide you with more information regarding the use of soil nail retaining walls for your foundation repair needs in the Chicago area.

Soil Nails for Foundation Repair in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

Soil nails can be installed quickly and easily by United Structural System's experienced, professional team for Illinois homes and businesses. Whether you have a retaining wall that needs more support or want to have a safe working environment while laying a new basement slab, soil nails can be a helpful tool. Soil nails are long metal instruments inserted into pre-drilled holes in the ground at an almost-horizontal angle. These bars are generally grouted into place for stability. Though certain soil conditions make soil nails an unrealistic option, soil nails are a generally versatile support method that can be used in a number of different locations and soil conditions. Soil nails installation can also be performed under existing buildings, such as garages, sheds, and homes, which can save space. There are many commercial and residential applications for soil nail wall construction, and we can check out your project site and make sure that it would be the right solution for you.

Soil nailing is an affordable, easy solution for many of the problems homeowners face with retaining walls, unstable soil, and construction jobs. If you are in need of soil nailing in Chicago, trust United Structural Systems. Locally owned and operated, USS has the experienced team of soil nailing contractors needed to complete your soil nailing job in a safe and efficient manner. Because soil nailing is most often used to hold walls up and prevent collapse, trusting amateur contractors for your soil nail retaining wall may put your home at risk. If you'd like more information on soil nailing in Illinois, contact us today.