Micropiles, A Foundation Repair Solution For Chicagoland area and Suburbs

Micropiles Is A Foundation Repair Method In Chicago And Hoffman Estates Il

With Chicago’s ever-increasing urban expansions, it is not always possible to find good supporting soils at, or close to, surface grade for new construction. With this, foundation elements like Micropiles have been designed to transfer compressive loads down to a suitable load bearing stratum. Tall and more slender structures subjected to wind loads need foundations capable of supporting compressive, uplift and lateral loads. Instead of large mass concrete foundations, Micropiles offer smaller and deeper drilled pile foundations which are a more economical, and environmental friendly, alternative. Their simple and unique design has made micropiles very popular in the specialty foundation market. Hollow bar micropiles are mainly used as friction piles to take tension and or compressive loads. Typical sizes are 30mm (1-3/16”) to 73mm (2-7/8”) and typical uses include foundation underpinning, new construction, tieback and soil nailing.

Micropile Underpinning Solutions for Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL

Micropiles were originally designed for underpinning structural foundation repair applications. Today, United Structural Systems of Illinois continues this original application through the use of a patent pending steel bracketing system.

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This unique system allows for hollow bar micropiles to be installed under buildings that are resting on unsupportive, debris laden soils. Our engineered bracketing system incorporates a full manifold lifting system for precise, even lifting of structures and equipment pads. United Structural Systems is the only contractor that is approved to use this engineer approved system in the Chicagoland area and Suburbs. For more information on how we can help with your next residential or commercial foundation project, please contact us.

When a structure is built on non-suitable load bearing soils, it can cause many issues in the home or business. Some of the signs that your foundation is in need of underpinning with United Structural Systems patent pending steel bracketing system are:

If you see any of these signs of foundation failure in your Chicago area residential or commercial structure, contact the professionals at United Structural Systems of Illinois.

Micropiles Used for New Construction in Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL

United Structural Systems of Illinois can also install micropiles for new construction applications. Micropiles have the ability to drill down through debris laden soils that many other types of piles cannot. These grouted pin piles create a grouted column through the toughest soils and can be imbedded into bedrock. Using relatively small drilling equipment, these piles can be installed in limited access and low overhead conditions with little to no vibration. The continuous tremie cement grout operation of installing hollow bar micropiles guarantees 100% grout cover, so no additional corrosion protect is thus required. With United Structural Systems micropile solutions, we can solve your toughest jobs whether it is underpinning a commercial building, or as a deep foundation element under a new construction project. Call us 847-607-1202 to learn more about micropiles!