Helical Piles, A Foundation Repair Method in Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland, IL

Helical Piles Is A Foundation Repair Method For Homes In Hoffman Estates And Chicago, Il

Do you have water leakage from wall cracks? Do you have wall cracks in your basement? In Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL, heavy rainfall from severe storms are prevalent. They can cause major water and structural damage to homes, costing homeowners thousands of dollars. Foundation issues can occur from water leaks in the interior and exterior of your home. Wall and foundation cracks are just a few indications that your home needs foundation repair. At United Structural Systems, we offer quality helical piles to restore your home's foundation back to normal.

We offer many foundation repair solutions for your Hoffman Estates and Chicago, IL home. For a deep foundation system solution and larger foundation repair projects, helical piles may be your solution. Helical bearing plates are welded to a shaft that is central, and the load of the structure is transferred over immediately. The central shaft distributes the weight to the soil through the helical plates. These are pre-engineered prior to bringing them to the work site, so we can ensure a speedy but safe installation. For all of your helical piles in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

Benefits of Helical Piles in Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL

There are many advantages to using helical piles for your foundation repair projects.

Some benefits include:

  • Easy, clean installation
  • Immediately can carry the load after installation
  • You can modify them easily if necessary
  • There is no concrete that you need to worry about curing
  • They can be used for high water table or loose soil
  • All weather installation including freezing temperatures
  • Can be installed in limited or tight access areas
  • Installed with hand-held equipment
  • Support of temporary structures
  • Vibration-free installation
  • Absorbs wave and wind motion

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It is wise to utilize our free inspection and have a design engineer visit your job site. We can investigate your foundation problem and find the best solution that fits your time and budget. If water has been introduced into your foundation we also provide basement waterproofing solutions for your water-related issues as well.

United Structural Systems proudly serves the Chicagoland and Hoffman Estates, IL area for all underpinning needs, including helical piers, wall anchors, slab piers and much more. We have years of experience in the construction world, foundation repair and basement waterproofing. We also offer crawl space encapsulation, foundation crack repair and concrete repair. We can handle commercial, industrial and residential applications. Contact us today so we can get started on the road to repair.