Foundation Crack Repair Chicagoland

A crack in your foundation is a scary thing. You immediately start to worry about the value of your home. Being that your home is likely your biggest investment, you might feel a bit of panic! If you see a foundation crack, don't panic. There are solutions. United Structural Systems has years of experience in underpinning solutions that can assist with your foundation crack repair. For all foundation crack repair Chicagoland needs, count on us.

Helical anchor

Helical anchors are a great solution for foundation cracks and bowing and leaning walls. Sometimes, when there is too much water in the soil around your home, it puts pressure on the walls of your foundation, which causes cracks, and bowing and leaning. Helical anchors are designed specifically to add support and strength to these types of foundation problems.

Crack Injection

We can fill in cracks with a grout type mixture or epoxy injection that will fill in foundation cracks. One of the wonderful things about foundation crack injection is that the grout mixture or epoxy can dry and be stronger than the original wall. This will also seal out water so it can help prevent a wet or moist basement.


If you see water stains around the cracks, and you have high levels of water in the soil around your home, you may want to consider a waterproofing solution. We can provide sump pumps and pits, as well as interior and exterior drainage systems to suit all your waterproofing needs. We also offer concrete repair solutions if you notice that the concrete has been damaged around your foundation.

From underpinning solutions to waterproofing solutions anywhere in the Chicagoland area, we have got you covered. For any and all foundation crack repair needs, we can provide the right solution that fits your needs, for your home and family. We can help you protect your investment in your home and keep your home safe, strong and secure for years to come. Contact us USS for an appointment today!

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