Cracked Garage Columns in Chicagoland

Cracked garage columns in chicago and hoffman estates il

As with any other foundation, the foundation or slab that your garage sits on is prone to cracking, sinking, and settling. This can cause the columns in your garage to crack. Most often, garage columns have structural significance; usually serving as support between the multiple doors in a garage, these columns should be as stable as possible. But when the concrete slab beneath these columns sinks, the columns can get cracks that threaten the stability of the garage. These cracks should be repaired as quickly as possible, but the bigger problem also needs to be addressed. Garage column cracks are sometimes accompanied by slab cracks, leaning or bowing garage walls, sloping floors or sticking doors and windows These are signs that you may have a problem with your garage's slab or foundation. For all your cracked garage column problems, USS has solutions in Chicago, Illinois!


Crack Injections

United Structural Systems repairs garage column cracks just like any other cracks, with an epoxy injection. Our team of experts use continuous mixing epoxy injection machines to ensure that the epoxy penetrates through the thickness of the foundation wall. Epoxy injections, a grout mixture, is designed to fill the holes and increase stability. As it dries, it strengthens the original wall and seals out water. This eliminates moisture, humidity, and prevents water damage. We do not use band-aides to fix your garage settlement, we offer complete permanent solutions.

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Helical Piles

Cracked garage column solutions for chicago il

Steel piers are another option for repairing sinking or settling foundations. They are designed to support, strengthen and stabilize the foundation of your garage to prevent your garage from settling further into unstable soil.

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Steel piers are an end bearing pier that is load tested immediately after the installation process. It causes little disruption to your property, including your landscaping and lawn.Garage column cracks need to be repaired quickly, especially when your garage is connected to your home or has a large amount of load to bear, such as garages with bedrooms or storage upstairs. Garages that are attached to your home may be experiencing cracks because of a problem with the home's foundation, not the garage's slab. Having this inspected can prevent problems in the future. United Structural Systems has the foundation repair in Chicago solutions. Don't allow your garage to become unsafe before contacting United Structural Systems. At the first sign of cracked or leaning garage columns, contact us

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