Low Pressure Liquid Epoxy Injection for Concrete Repair

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Restore the original strength and structural qualities of your concrete with a low pressure epoxy injection performed by the experts at USS. Our process seals the foundation and creates an impervious barrier to water seepage including the thinnest of concrete fractures.


Why Use a Concrete Repair Epoxy?

If you have a crack through a concrete surface with visibility on both ends of the concrete, an epoxy can be injected from both ends to seal the crack. We can also increase the flowability of the epoxy in certain applications if it’s needed for the job. We can inject the epoxy more closely so it gets to the deepest part of the crack in your concrete.

How Epoxy Injections Work

First we prep the surface of the concrete by cleaning the area so the epoxy bonds properly to the area. We may need to widen the crack a little to ensure the best bonding and finish of your epoxy. We inject the epoxy using a minimum of two ports and then we seal the top of the crack as well with an epoxy paste. We start with a low pressure injection and increase the pressure as needed.

Why Low Pressure Injection?

Whatever material is being injected in situations like this, the secret to effective use is a gradual introduction of the liquid epoxy into the crack utilizing low pressure. While it requires us to be more patient, it allows us to monitor the injection process and ensure that the crack is completely filled, meaning you’re less likely to see any crack repair failure once USS is done.

Are Concrete Repair Epoxies For Every Application?

Essentially no, we would not recommend a liquid epoxy injection to repair certain concrete issues. If you have a major rift in your concrete pad we might recommend a mud jacking or foam jacking repair. Epoxy injections are best for smaller cracks that need repaired. If the crack has any movement to it we would not recommend an epoxy as, once bonded and cured, the epoxy could crack with too much movement of the concrete it is filling. However, epoxies do have an amazing compressive strength that exceeds even most concretes, so if the crack requires structural repair, we will likely recommend an epoxy injection. The only way we can determine the exact right method of concrete repair for you is to come assess the damage and give you our estimate.

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