Foundation Crack Stitching for Slab on Grade in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

If the foundation is slab on grade style construction and a foundation crack is noticed on the exterior, USS will excavate to the bottom of the foundation footing typically digging a 30" x 30" pilot hole. The crack is sealed with HLM 5000 waterproofing sealant and a bituthane membrane is installed. USS will then install a steel crack plate over the surface of he crack, tying the wall together. The crack plate is 3/8" thick and 24" long. It is anchored to the foundation using 6 galvanized concrete anchor bolts, 3 on each side.

Two Options for Your Repair:

Option 1:

Contact us or call our office at 847-607-1202 and request a service technician to come out and repair the crack ASAP. Our office staff can provide you with guaranteed pricing and an explanation right over the phone. Your repair will be scheduled in one phone call and a technician will be out to fix the crack in one visit.

Option 2:

Contact us or call our office at 847-607-1202 to schedule a trained field estimator to come out

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