Bowing Walls Repair in Chicago & Hoffman Estates, IL

United Structural Systems is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in basement foundation repairs and waterproofing. We offer 24/7 foundation repair services like bowing wall repair in Alden, Hoffman Estates, Addison, Cary, and more surrounding cities in Illinois. Our team of experts is highly trained and equipped to help you with anything regarding your basement foundation wall. Advanced state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide effective and efficient service. 

Reasons Behind Bowing Walls

Heavy rain, floods, and storms cause the soil outside your foundation to take up water and expand. The expanding soil and water put hydrostatic pressure on the foundation wall, pushing it inside, which results in bowing walls. When the pressure exceeds the strength of the wall, it cracks; horizontal cracks are the most commonly noticed. Furthermore, when the soil dries up, it contracts and pulls away from the wall that creates weak spots. When rain falls, the process is repeated, gradually pushing the foundation. Repetitive storms or rain are capable of causing severe damage to the foundation wall in this way. 

Dangers of Structural Crack on Foundation Wall

Bowing walls usually cause some damage to the wall, leading to structural cracks. Cracks on the wall can lead water inside through the gap and damage the contents stored inside your basement. Moreover, it can damage the basement itself by encouraging mold growth and creating a bad unhygienic environment. Mold problems not only affect your property but also your family. Avoid such problems before they occur with our professional help all over Illinois. Call United Structural Systems today at 847-607-1202

Bowing Walls in Your Basement? United Structural Systems can Help

United Structural Systems has been serving people with bowing wall problems for more than a decade. We have extensive knowledge and the right tools to restore your property efficiently. Call United Structural Systems at 847-607-1202 when you see signs of damage as the following: 

  • Horizontal Cracks
  • Vertical Crack 
  • Bowing Wall
  • Leaning Wall
  • Shearing Wall
  • Tilting Wall

We are prepared to handle even the worst cases of bowing wall or severe foundation repair. Our team stays with you from start to finish, ensuring a proper restoration for your basement. Contact us now for a FREE ESTIMATE!