Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago Area

What Causes Cracks in a Home’s Foundation?

Foundation cracks are a common problem and occur in almost all poured concrete structures. Cracks may be caused by stress or soil settlement along the footing of the structure. Seepage occurs when water levels in the soil rise and cause hydrostatic pressure on the foundation. The water finds an outlet into the basement or crawlspace through the crack. As soon as you notice a crack in your basement or crawlspace, call a concrete repair expert. If not addressed professionally, the cracks can typically grow larger resulting in a greater opportunity for more water seepage and damage to your home or the possibility of structural damage. When caught at first sight, you can avoid large repairs and costly solutions. If you have a cracked foundation, call a concrete repair expert at United Structural Systems of Illinois today!

Professional Concrete Foundation Crack Repair

United Structural Systems of Illinois (USS) implements a solution to foundation cracks with a method called epoxy injection. Epoxy injection for foundation crack repair is effective, affordable, and can be used on any concrete surface. Most importantly, this method it is a permanent and lifelong concrete foundation repair when completed by the trained technicians at USS. All foundation cracks injected by USS come with a lifetime transferable warranty. If a foundation crack fixed by USS requires service it is at no cost to the client. Not sure the severity of a crack found in your home? Call today for a free inspection, our professionals will assess the condition of your basement or crawlspace and come up with the best solution for your home and wallet.

When it comes to your home, there are few things more important than a sound foundation. Your foundation supports the entire weight of your house, and any cracks or damage can threaten the structural integrity of the entire building. That’s why it’s so important to have foundation cracks repaired by a professional as soon as possible. A professional will be able to identify the cause of the crack and take steps to prevent it from happening again. In addition, they will be able to make any necessary repairs to ensure that your foundation is secure and stable. Don’t take chances with your biggest investment – get help from a professional when you need foundation repair.

Types of Foundation Cracks

There are three basic types of foundation cracks that you need to keep an eye out for when it comes to foundation crack repair. Some cracks need immediate attention and others are normal for concrete.

  • Vertical cracks are common in foundations and generally will begin to show up within just a few years of construction. The good news about vertical foundation cracks is they do not cause and are not caused by structural issues. They will, however, let water seep into your basement or crawl space and therefore do need to be sealed with an epoxy.
  • Stair step cracks are more significant than vertical cracks but still might not call for an extensive foundation crack repair. Like vertical cracks, stair step cracks can lead to significant water infiltration into your basement or crawl space which can lead to extensive damages. These types of cracks are generally found on the exterior walls of brick and mortar houses above the foundation.
  • Horizontal cracks are serious and need immediate attention from foundation crack repair specialists like us. Horizontal cracks are a prime indicator of an unstable foundation and ignoring them could lead to major problems - including a total collapse of your home. If you see horizontal cracks, it means your foundation is buckling inward and is no longer secure. Over time, the damage will get worse more quickly. Call USS IL immediately if you see horizontal cracks in your foundation.

Options to Repair Your Foundation Crack

Low-Pressure Liquid Epoxy Injection

Epoxy is one of the most versatile materials used in modern construction. It is strong, durable, and weather-resistant, making it ideal for a variety of applications. One of the most popular uses for epoxy is foundation repair. Cracks in foundations can cause serious structural problems, but epoxy can be used to effectively seal them. Low-pressure liquid epoxy injection is a popular method for repairing cracks. This method involves injecting epoxy into the crack under low pressure. The epoxy then chemically bonds with the surrounding concrete, sealing the crack and preventing further damage. While foundation repairs can be expensive, they are often much less costly than the alternative of having to replace an entire foundation. As a result, epoxy injection is an effective and economical solution for repairing cracks in foundations.

Low-Pressure Urethane Grout Injection

This method involves injecting a two-part urethane grout mixture into the crack under low pressure. The mixture expands as it cures, filling the void and creating a water-tight seal. In addition, the urethane grout is flexible, so it can accommodate movement without cracking. Low-pressure urethane grout injection is an effective way to repair foundation cracks and prevent further damage to your home.

Exterior Crack Repair

Exterior crack repair is a relatively simple process that can be completed by foundation repair experts. First, they will need to clean the area around the crack and remove any loose debris. Next, the contractor will need to apply a sealant to the crack. Once the sealant has dried, they will apply a layer of putty or plaster over the crack. Finally, the repair will be painted over.

Foundation Crack Stitching for Slab on Grade

Foundation Crack Stitching is when steel wires are inserted into the cracks and then stitched together. This method is often used because it is less expensive than other methods, and it can be done relatively quickly. Foundation Crack Stitching is not a permanent solution, but it can help to prevent further damage to the foundation until a more permanent solution can be put in place.

Two Options for Your Concrete Foundation Repair

Foundation Crack Repair Option 1:

If you have an immediate need, contact us or call our office at 847-607-1202 and request a service technician to come out and repair the cracked foundation ASAP. Our office staff can provide you with guaranteed pricing and an explanation over the phone. Your concrete foundation crack repair will be scheduled in one phone call and a technician will be out to fix the crack in one visit.

Foundation Crack Repair Option 2:

Not sure the severity of a foundation crack or needing a second opinion?Contact us or call our office at 847-607-1202 to schedule a trained field estimator to come out. A free inspection is available, at that time your technician will assess the foundation crack, explain the situation and the solutions best for your home’s need. Our concrete foundation repair experts will ensure only the best customer service and address any and all needs of your foundation.

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