Slab Cracks in Chicago

Slab cracks in chicago and hoffman estates il

Many homes have a concrete slab foundation in their garage or basement. In many cases, this concrete foundation can settle and result in slab cracks. These cracks are due to moisture content and the density of soils beneath the slab. With the broad range of temperatures that Chicago experiences over the course of a year, soils may begin to dry and shrink, especially in prolonged dry conditions. Poorly compacted fill soils underneath the slab can also present severe problems. Resulting in floor cracks, hazards, and further settlement. For your slab crack Chicago needs contact United Structural Systems and our specialists will fix cracked slabs in your structure.

While dry soil can result in a cracked slab, over saturated soil can result in the same. Over saturated expansive soil creates hydrostatic pressure to build up and cause cracks to form. Also, if there are excessive rains, they can cause a washout of soil resulting in voids underneath the slab. A void can also be created when your home was constructed, if back soil was not properly refilled.


Mud Jacking for Slab Cracks in Chicago Homes

Slab cracks need mudjacking

Our solution to slab cracks Illinois problems and voids underneath the area is pressure grouting. Cracks form because the slab is not strong enough to span the gap. With our pressure grouting techniques we can fix any voids and restore the proper strength of the slab. Pressure grouting consists of drilling a hole through slab to the soil and pumping a cement based grout to fill the void. This technique is much more cost efficient then removing the slab entirely, filling the void, then repairing the concrete.

Mudjacking offers the following benefits:

  • Increases the life span of concrete foundations
  • Smoothes cracks and uneven surfaces
  • Enhances the appearance of the property
  • No messy clean ups
  • Light weight
  • Cost effective
  • Water resistant
  • Environmentally friendly

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Helical Piers, A Slab Crack Solution in Chicago

If your problem is slab settlement and not a void, then we have helical slab piers to fix this problem. Helical slab piers can hold up to 20,000 lbs and will raise the slab cracked area to its designated elevation. They are easy to install with little to no vibration during the installation process. Give United Structural Systems a call today for all your slab cracks Illinois needs. Our professionals will inspect your foundation and determine the best foundation repair method for your home.

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