Leaning Chimneys in Chicago

Leaning chimney in chicago il

A leaning chimney can be a big problem if left alone. Leaning chimneys can be found on both new and old homes, and they're often accompanied by cracked bricks. Chimneys can leave a gap between your home and chimney; whether the gap is an inch wide or five inches wide, it's best to get the chimney inspected. It's common for homeowners to try to fix the leaning chimney themselves by filling in the space or supporting the chimney. However, a leaning chimney is unstable and unsafe and needs to be corrected by professionals. Leaning chimneys are usually indicators of a bigger problem with your foundation

Leaning chimneys can be caused by a few different things. One possibility is poor construction or shallow footings, meaning that, when your chimney was constructed, it wasn't supported well at the bottom. This can cause it to lean away from your house. Another problem is too much moisture in your soil, causing the chimney to sink or settle in a way that makes it lean and crack. Whatever the cause, it is safest to allow a professional team, such as those at United Structural Systems, to repair the damage and prevent it from occurring again.


Helical Piles Fix Leaning Chimneys

Leaning chimney repair by USS in Chicago IL

We have many options for chimney repair. Helical piles are an effective way to correct a leaning chimney. They can be placed underneath to help support the weight, as full masonry chimneys can weigh far too much for the soil beneath it. These piles are inserted to lift your chimney and return it to its original state. They create a supportive foundation that can prevent further sinking or settling in the future.

Helical piles can hold large amounts of weight, making them the perfect solution for a heavy brick chimney. Inserting helical piles can also correct or fill cracks in the bricks. Because leaning chimneys are a safety hazard, having them inspected right away by professional such as United Structural Systems is extremely important. Call today for more information.

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