Case Study: Helical Tie-Back Installation For Coca-Cola

Major renovations or additions often reveal issues with a building’s foundation.

In the following case study, we’ll discuss how we helped secure a foundation wall for a Coca-Cola distribution hub using helical wall tie-backs.

USS offers a comprehensive helical pier foundation installation service that includes large piers and wall tie-backs. We have the tools and experience to tackle any job.

Keep reading below to learn what happened during this project.

Coca-Cola Distribution Center Background

Coca-Cola manages a manufacturing and product distribution hub in Alsip, Illinois.

The Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling Company operates multiple facilities across the Midwest and facilitates the delivery of Coca-Cola products to 65,000 locations including restaurants, sporting venues, and supermarkets.

They planned to build a large addition on the western wall of their existing facility. This addition would house a new truck and loading dock. Part of this project would be removing the old loading dock.

The existing concrete was removed and excavated to be framed and poured for the new loading dock. But, it was discovered that the old foundation wall and footing were exposed from the weight of the existing building.

While the plan seemed easy enough, the addition’s floor height was at a lower elevation than the existing foundation wall and footing.

This increased the risk of the wall rolling out and structurally collapsing into the excavated trench. They needed to hire a professional company to complete a commercial helical piers installation.

Helical Wall Tie-Backs Secure Coca-Cola’s Foundation

United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. was contracted to install helical wall tie-backs from the exterior of the building and to install proper soil torque under the existing floor slab of the warehouse.

Helical wall tie-backs are similar to helical piers in that they’re screwed into the ground without disrupting the soil. Our team drives them through a commercial foundation or basement wall and into the soil to provide additional support.

This process prevents the wall from rolling or leaning outward. These installations were done as a preventative measure to not create a potentially dangerous work environment and also to prevent the building from experiencing a structural failure.

Project Results

Our team installed two 3/8th-inch round shaft helical piers as part of the tie-back system.

The piles were galvanized and ran on an 8-inch and 10-inch helical flight pattern. Each pile was advanced 14 feet from the foundation wall under the floor slab and at an approximate 15-degree banter.

Once the walls were secured, contractors were able to finish adding the new truck and loading dock to the western wall of Coca-Cola’s existing facility.

They had no further issues with the foundation and were able to ramp up their business operations thanks to the addition.

Helical Pile Foundation Installation

The biggest takeaway from this case study is how helical piers and helical wall tie-backs are quick and easy to install. They also provide a permanent solution to foundation instabilities whether in a commercial or residential project.

Our company has been installing helical piers and helical wall tie-backs in the Chicago metropolitan area since 1995.

We’ve helped large companies like Coca-Cola and Amazon construct additions, and we’ve served individual homeowners looking to secure their damaged foundations.

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