Case Study: Giving Back Through Habitat for Humanity

Everyone should have a safe and affordable place to call home.

This is the Habitat for Humanity motto and something we personally believe in as well. In this case study, we’re going to discuss working with the Fox Valley affiliate to secure the foundation of a home planned over “unsuitable” ground soil.

Many families wanting to build homes across Illinois have dealt with the same foundation issues, and this article covers an effective and permanent solution.

Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity Background

The Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity has provided affordable homes for hundreds of families across Northern Illinois. They have invited United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. to participate in several builds over the years, and we’ve always been proud to work with them to give back to the local community.

In this case, Habitat contacted us about a vacant lot in suburban Aurora, Illinois. They were planning to build a new home on the lot but needed help securing the foundation.

This particular lot was in a well-established neighborhood with homes dating back 60-80 years. Nothing had ever been built on it due to poor soil conditions. Geotechnical engineers discovered that the soil was unable to support the weight of a home. They labeled it “unbuildable.”

That’s when Habitat contacted us for help.

Securing a Habitat Build with Helical Piers

USS uses helical piers to support damaged residential or commercial foundations. But, they are also effective for new builds.

The helical pier foundation installation began in coordination with the Village of Aurora’s structural engineering department.

We helped design a helical pier layout that could support the foundation and weight of the new home. Once all of the engineering was confirmed with the village, we installed a series of helical piers approximately 28-35 feet below the level of the bottom of the footing.

The weight of the new home would be transferred to these helical piers because the soil wasn’t strong enough to support it.

Project Results

The helical pile foundation installation was a success, and the Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity was excited to commence construction of the home.

Once considered “unbuildable,” this vacant lot now offered a brand-new home to a family in need. Helical piers or piles are considered a permanent solution so neither the homeowner nor Habitat would ever have to worry about the soil again.

Today, a proud family is starting their life in a new home.

USS enjoys giving back to the community and supporting Habitat’s mission, so we donated our tools, equipment, labor, and overhead for this project. We did the installation for just the price of the helical steel. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Get Help with Your Foundation

Are you about to build a new home but recently discovered that the soil is “unsuitable” for the build? You should consider helical pile installation to secure the foundation. We install these piers on residential and commercial structures.

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