Bowing Basement Walls in Chicagoland Area and Suburbs


Bowing and leaning basement walls If you have a concrete block foundation wall and notice center- or mid-wall bowing inward toward the basement, you could have a big problem. The bowing may be causing a horizontal crack in the mortar of the wall coupled with a bulge or bend, and these signs indicate you could be experiencing foundation failure due to lateral earth pressure. In this case, you may need basement wall repair for your bowing or cracked basement walls. It’s important to have bowing foundation walls addressed as soon as possible for the safety of your family and your home’s structural integrity.

If you have a concrete poured foundation, signs of problems could include top of the wall displacement. Horizontal angle fractures that have rotated inward are also signs of an issue. The crack pattern usually shows foundation cracks running at an angle or shear cracks located 3-6 feet from the corner of the wall. If you were to put a four-foot level or plumb bob level on the top of the wall, it will show the amount of displacement.

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Some Causes of Foundation Failure

There are many different causes of this type of foundation failure, such as:

  • Consolidation of the fill soil
  • Tree roots and expansive soils (soils filled with clay minerals that expand with water) that put constant pressure on foundation walls
  • Inoperative drain tile or drainage system
  • Plumbing leaks and heavy rains
  • Ponding water on the surface near the foundation wall
  • Other environmental factors that cause too much water in the soil

The above issues cause the clays in our soil to expand and exert large amounts of lateral earth pressure on foundations. With enough earth pressure, the force could cause structural inward damage to concrete and block foundations.

Bowing Basement Wall Repair

United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. has multiple repair options to secure your damaged bowing foundation wall and prevent further bowing. If necessary to ensure structural stability and safety, USS can realign the wall by excavating the outside and hydraulically pushing the wall to a stable, level position.

United Structural Systems of Illinois utilizes multiple repair options to prevent foundation wall failure and permanently stabilize bowing foundation walls.

Based on the project, USS can install:

  • Steel Vertical I Beam Supports
  • Helical Anchor Wall Tie-Backs
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcing Wall Braces

You can download: Vertical steel I beam installation

Based on each individual project, USS will recommend the most cost-effective and permanent solution for cracked wall repair, bowing wall repair, or general basement wall repair.

Why Choose United Structural Systems in Cook County for Your Wall Repair Project?

When your wall is bowed, you want to get it repaired right away because the anxiety of living with a structural defect in your home is overwhelming. No one wants to go to sleep wondering if their house is going to crumble around them, and you don’t want to live with that kind of fear. Wall anchors and foundation repair can correct your bowed wall problem, but you want to make sure you find quality help from a professional.

USS has been working on foundation repair projects for many years, and we are leaders in the foundation repair industry in Cook County, Illinois. We can examine your foundation problems to find out what’s wrong and then come up with the best option for resolution.

Whether you have a slightly bowed basement wall or a major structural problem, we have the experience and tools needed to get your house back to a stable, safe position.

Make the Call to United Structural Systems of Illinois

If you are ready to resolve your basement wall bowing problem, reach out to our office today. We can utilize various repair methods, such as foundation anchors, steel plates, and concrete crack repairs, to correct the instability of your foundation walls.

Bowing of basement walls is fixable, but you don’t want to delay because the situation will not resolve itself. Call today. We provide FREE estimates, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc.