Bowing Basement Wall Repair in Chicago and Surrounding Areas

Foundation issues are usually at the top of the list of problems homeowner’s don’t want to run into. A cracked, leaning or bowing foundation wall in your home can be an incredibly scary sight, and one that can cause constant anxiety. But if you act fast and reach out to a team of professionals like United Structural Systems of Illinois for bowing basement wall repair, you can rest assured that your home and family will be safe and secure. We have served the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs with 24/7 quality foundation repair services for over a decade, and our advanced state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide effective and efficient service to all of our clients.

How to Recognize a Bowing Foundation Wall

Bowing and leaning basement walls In many cases, you may not even know what signs to look for that point to a bowed wall or damaged foundation. Extreme bowing in the center of a concrete block foundation wall is easier to spot, but homeowners should be able to recognize the early signs of foundation damage so an expert can intervene as soon as possible. Some signs your foundation has been damaged include:

  • Horizontal Cracks
  • Vertical Crack
  • Bowing Wall
  • Leaning Wall
  • Shearing Wall
  • Tilting Wall

In the case of concrete poured foundations, some additional signs of problems could include top of the wall displacement, horizontal angle fractures that have rotated inward, and a crack pattern that runs at an angle or shear cracks 3-6 feet from the corner of the wall. The amount of displacement can be determined by placing a four-foot level or plumb bob level on the top of the wall.

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What Causes a Bowing Basement Wall?

Foundation failure can be caused by a number of environmental factors, plumbing issues or inadequate drainage systems. When the soil around your home takes in too much water, the clay it contains can expand, causing large amounts of lateral earth pressure to be exerted on the foundation and resulting in bowing walls. This can occur due to heavy rain, floods, tree roots, plumbing leaks, and ponding water on the surface near the foundation wall. When the soil dries out, it contracts away from the wall, resulting in weak spots. As the soil cycles through the process of expanding, drying out and contracting, the foundation will be pushed inward causing bowing, until there’s enough pressure to crack the wall and cause severe structural damage.

The Dangers of Bowing Foundation Walls

Aside from the obvious damage it can cause to the structural integrity of your home, bowing basement walls can lead to structural cracks, which welcomes a whole host of new problems. When your foundation wall is cracked, water can leak in and cause mold growth, putting your family and home at risk. When a crack is severe enough you could even be faced with damage to items stored in your basement. If it goes ignored, a bowed wall will eventually collapse.

Bowing Basement Wall Repair from United Structural Systems

The professionals at United Structural Systems of Illinois can help you prevent these problems before they occur. We have multiple cost-effective, permanent repair options to secure the structural integrity of your home and prevent further damage caused by cracked or bowing foundation walls.

Depending on your project’s needs, we can provide these repair solutions:

  • Foundation Anchors
  • Steel Plates
  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Steel Vertical I Beam Supports
  • Helical Anchor Wall Tie-Backs
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcing Wall Braces
  • Wall Realignment Using Hydraulic Pressure to Achieve a Stable Position

Learn more about our Vertical Steel I Beam Installation Process Here

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Whether you recently noticed a slightly bowed basement wall or a major structural crack, we have the expertise and equipment needed to make your home a stable and safe structure again. Don’t wait - contact the experts at United Structural Systems of Illinois today for a FREE estimate on foundation repair services.