Window Well Drains Installation for Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland area

Window Well Drain Installation In Hoffman Estates And Chicago Il

What is a window well? A window well, a square or semicircular embankment, is built close at the ground level used to light basements. It is positioned in front of the window to emit sunlight into the basement through the window. One problem with window wells is that they hold water, dirt and leaves that usually doesn't escape unless you clean them out. Rainwater and snow accumulates inside, causing water leakage and foundation issues. Inadequate window well drainage can also be caused by improperly installation. Water seeps through poorly installed window wells leaving stains on foundation walls. If you notice water seepage, you don't need to replace the window because the problem is with the window well.

Look for visual signs of water intrusion such as:

  • Sediment contamination of the gravel in a window
  • Poor drainage that leads to wet basements
  • Soil staining under the window frame
  • Cracks at the corner of the window
  • Aging materials that are rusting, corroding or decaying
  • Mold growth on wall or floor surfaces
  • Water puddles underneath the window
  • Trickling water down the basement walls
  • Water stains on walls

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Window Well Drainage Solutions for Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland area

To solve window well drainage issues, we offer several solutions.

  • We can install an exterior drain or drywell that directs the flow of water down into a French drain. We can also install a small drywell beneath the ground.
  • We can install a new window well drain or replace your basement windows. The installation process involves drilling a drain hole through the basement, then a drainage system is led through the hole and into the home. It connects to a sump pump system to divert the flow of water away from the home.
  • We can install a transparent window well cover to keep water out of the window well.
  • We can add a foot of gravel into the well to help drain water and stop water from accumulating in front of the window.

Contact United Structural Systems for quality window well drain installation in Hoffman Estates and Chicago, IL. If you have water leaks in your basement, we can assess your window wells and determine the best solution for your needs. Contact us today so we can restore the longevity of your home.