Wall & Floor Leak Repair in Chicago & Suburbs, IL

United Structural Systems is the leading basement waterproofing company in all of Chicago, providing excellent service since 1995. We are a certified waterproofing company with high experience and advanced equipment, capable of solving all issues regarding basements & crawl spaces. We offer 24/7 wall & floor leak repair service in Alden, Hoffman Estates, Crete, Addison, and more in Illinois. If you are facing wall & floor leaks in your basement, then call United Structural Systems today at 847-607-1202 for professional help.

Causes of Wall & Floor Leak

Wall And Floor Leak

One of the most common sources of water leaks is through the wall-floor joint in the basement. Typically, the place where the walls of the foundation meet the floor has a tiny space in-between as an engineering design, which allows water under immense pressure to enter.

Poor performance or faulty installation of exterior drainage, and the way the basement is constructed using different materials, all contribute to the reason behind water leaks through walls and floor.

Clay Tile Walls

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Clay tile walls are primarily found in historic houses. Water leaking through the wall and floor joint is common and so is the case of leaking through the gaps and cracks between the joints.

Concrete Block Walls

Water pressure can destroy the joints between the blocks and create gaps through which water enters the basement. High hydrostatic pressure can even force water through the wall-floor joint.

Poured Walls

Hydrostatic pressure can force cracks in the walls and the most vulnerable spot is the wall-floor joint; water seeps in from under the wall.

Stone Block Walls

Water pressure can corrode the joints between the stones and sometimes the stone itself. Water will seep in and also be stored in the stones, which corrodes the stone further.

Contact the Professionals at United Structural Systems for Reliable Wall & Floor Leak Repair

Being waterproofing and foundation repair specialists we can help you recover from your wall & floor leak issue regardless of what type of material your foundation is made of. We also offer comprehensive foundation crack repair as well, in case your foundation wall is experiencing leaks from wall cracks. Keep a dry and clean basement environment with our extensive help. Call United Structural Systems today at 847-607-1202 for wall & floor leak solution.