French Drain System Installation in Chicago, IL

Are water problems finding their way into your home? Are you dealing with a wet basement floor, flooding in your yard or along walkways, drainage problems, or a musty smell in your basement or crawl space? A number of solutions are out there to deal with groundwater issues, but one of those solutions is known as the French drain.

A French drain is a draining system that involves digging a trench in your yard at a slope to get water to move away from your house. Like a Pied Piper for unwanted groundwater, the force of gravity does the work of coaxing excess water away from your house. A French drain system can be lined or filled with gravel. Some French drains also involve the use of a perforated pipe. Unfortunately, French drains are not always effective at keeping water out of basements, especially for homes without a sloped yard. Some people don’t like the look of a French drain around their house.

United Structural Systems of Illinois can help you determine if you need a French drain or if you need another better water control solution. Then we can help you install your solution, so you won’t have to keep living with runoff water seeping into your home. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate on French drain installation or installation of a different drainage solution!

United Structural Systems' Patented Solution to Keep Water Out of Your Home

United Structural Systems is a certified basement waterproofing company serving the residents of Illinois since 1995. We are the water drainage specialists with the ability to offer patented solutions to keep water away from your foundation. We provide a more effective solution than French drains, which is much more reliable and cost-effective. Our solution does not require excavation, so your landscape remains untouched!

If you are looking to prevent water from entering your basement, then call us today at 847-607-1202 and take a look at our range of exterior interior drainage solutions. You can be a happy homeowner again without the stress and health risks of excessive moisture finding its way into your home.

How Efficient Are French Drains?

French Drain

French drains are only effective for a short period of time. In the long-term, French drains fail to serve their purpose. French drains get clogged with various particles that enter the drainage system along with water. Particles like small rocks, sod, debris, dirt, mud, and other small objects found in the ground clog the drains altogether. There are various reasons as to why French drains are not very efficient for the money they cost.

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Tiring & Destructive

French drain installation is a very extensive process, requiring a great deal of labor. Moreover, when a French drain gets clogged, the reinstallation process requires excavating the lawn or yard again for the drain to be taken out. This process destroys the landscape, like gardens or any other decorations that might be there.

Why Choose United Structural Systems

We have drainage solutions to prevent water from getting into your home that won’t destroy your yard or your beautiful landscaping or take up valuable space in your garden. United Structural Systems of Illinois offers:

  • Clog-Free Drainage Solutions
  • Certified Grate Products
  • Authorized & Bonded Company
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • Reliable Exterior Drainage
  • Interior Drainage Solutions
  • Water Intrusion Prevention

Contact Us for Drainage Solutions in Illinois

United Structural Systems have been providing excellent drainage solutions since 1995 with the promise of quality and dedication. We serve in Addison, Alden, Hines, Lisle, and more cities around Chicago, Illinois. If your French drain is failing, then contact us today at 847-607-1202 for professional drainage solutions. No one should have to live with a French drain pipe that isn’t working.