Footing Drain Solution in Chicagoland, IL

Footing Drain Solution in Chicagoland, IL

What is Footing Drain?

When a basement foundation is established footing drains are installed at the foot of the basement to prevent wet basement problems by channeling the groundwater away. During heavy rainfalls, water accumulates in the yard and against the foundation wall. The drainage system is designed to remove the water.

Why is Footing Drain Not a Good Solution for Your Basement?

Footing drains have been installed for a long time, but they fail to serve their purpose properly because with time the drainage system becomes ineffective. There are a couple of major reasons for footing drains to be inefficient drainage systems.

Footing Drain Installation

Footing Drains are often blocked during the backfilling process when the foundations are first established. The drainage system gets blocked and all the water swells up which have a higher chance of seeping in through the basement wall.

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Additionally, repairing them includes excavating the soil again which is a very extensive and expensive process that disrupts any landscape like flowerbeds, walkways, or plantation around the perimeter of the house.

Footing Drains Clog

Even after careful installation, footing drains can get blocked gradually by finer particles in the soil as they enter along with the water. Over time dirt and other particles from layers of sediments and block the waterway and the drainage system stops working.

Repairing or unclogging the drainage system is a very lengthy process as the soil needs to be excavated again and there is no other way to reach the pipelines underneath the soil. The repair service is very costly.

Footing Drain Lifetime

Footing drains can provide service only up to about 10 years after which they need to replaced and reinstalled. Reinstallation again involves the trouble of excavating and destroying the landscape, not to forget how pricey the process is.

Our Proper & Effective Solution to Wet Basements Problems

Attempting to repair a footing drain is a huge hassle and high-priced. United Structural Systems offers an effective and reliable solution to wet basement problems. Our proven solution lasts great years of service that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Be worry-free and maintain a neat and clean dry basement with our professional basement waterproofing solution. Call our experts now at 847-607-1202