Downspout Discharge Line Burial in Hoffman Estates & Chicagoland area

Downspout Discharge Burial Line System For Homes In Chicago, Hoffman Estates Il

While gutter maintenance is necessary in order to keep your home's foundation healthy, there are other precautions to help keep your home structural sound in Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland area and Suburbs. Clogged gutter systems cause water to flow over the sides of the gutter which leads to soil erosion around and under the foundation. As a result, cracks form in the foundation which may eventually causes mold growth in basements.

The downspout is a section of the gutter that runs along the side of your home. It is where water exits from the gutter system. Downspouts are designed to lead water away from the foundation, but there is no guarantee that water will not run towards the foundation. That's why United Structural has offered one simple solution to make sure water will not back into your home's foundation – downspout discharge line burial.

Water that is discharged from downspouts should flow away from the foundation in order to avoid basement seepage and water damage. Homeowners that have above-ground downspout extensions eventually found out that underground downspout extensions do a better job draining water from the yard. They help direct the flow of water from the downspouts away from the foundation to prevent flooded basements and other water–related issues. Downspout discharge line burial systems are undetected so you don't see a pipe on your lawn and it won't be a tripping hazard.

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Don't let your landscaping crew or local handyman install your downspout discharge line burial system, call 847-607-1202 United Structural today. If you don't hire a professional, many things can go wrong such as:

  • Wrong materials being used such as plastic pipe
  • Incorrect pitch of extension
  • Attaching the extension to the downspout which results to clogs
  • Incorrect size of extensions

Why Choose United Structural for Downspout Discharge Line Burial in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

At United Structural, we'll make sure your downspout extensions are installed correctly. Water should be carried at least 10 feet away from the foundation. We use a debris filter to keep the pipe clean, providing little maintenance for the homeowner. Our experts will make sure the underground downspout extension is correctly pitched to allow water to drain properly. Also, we use solid PVC pipes to provide durability and to make sure water flows to its end point. Our experts will make sure it is buried properly at least 18 inches below the ground.

Downspout discharge line burials offer the following benefits:

  • Easily direct the water to a storm drain
  • Can be used as an irrigation system
  • Prevents water damage to your foundation
  • Keeps your foundation stable
  • Increases your home's value
  • Safety precaution because it's not a trip hazard
  • Makes the home look cleaner and practical

Contact United Structural for professional waterproofing in Hoffman Estates and Chicago, IL. We can solve all of your wet basement issues to keep your home safe and dry for many years to come. We've installed many underground downspout extensions using the correct materials and products. Contact us today for an estimate.