Clogged Drain Pipe Replacement in Chicagoland, IL

A clogged drain pipe is one of the most common problems of a wet basement. Contact United Structural Systems to replace a clogged drain pipe at your home in Chicagoland, IL. Our highly experienced team is equipped with modern cleaning tools that help us take care of the job effectively.

Why Do Footing Drain Pipes Clog?

Clogged Drain Pipe Replacement in Chicagoland, IL

As rainwater seeps into the ground and gathers up against the basement wall, footing drains drive them away from the foot of the basement. Particles in the soil and mud enter the drain along with the water and form layers of sediment over time. With time, they block the waterway and the drainage system is no longer effective in removing the water from the foot of the basement.

Usually, a clean-up frees the clogged drain of that sediment layer; but the footing drains provided by United Structural Systems are already designed with a fiber filter technology that prevents fine particles in the soil from entering the drain. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have your clogged drain pipe replaced with a new one installed by our team of experts.

Additional Problems of Clogged Drain Pipes

  • More risks of cracks 
  • Prone to water leaks 
  • Warped walls 
  • More risk of molds 

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