Cause of Basement Leak in Chicago, IL

Cause of Basement Leak in Chicago, IL

While the causes of basement leaks are numerous, the solution is to tidy up each loose end. Basement leaks can be caused due to high hydrostatic pressure, excavation & backfilling, clogged drainpipes, and wall & floor leaks because of the materials used in the foundation wall. Wet basements being a problem themselves bring in more trouble with the moisture that attracts mold growth and can produce a moldy and musty odor throughout your house.

United Structural Systems helps homeowners throughout Illinois to fight against all causes of basement leaks. Our experience and expertise help us achieve a completely waterproof basement for your family's healthy well-being. Our specialists are trained in modern tools and equipment that enable us to perform repair and installations with great accuracy and effectiveness.

Excavation & Backfilling

When basement foundations are first constructed, soil from a region is removed where the foundation is established. When the foundation is complete, the soil is backfilled against the wall of the foundation. This “backfilled soil” is much less tightly packed than the soil that remains untouched. Meaning this soil is more permeable to water. Under heavy rain, more water seeps into the ground through this less tight region, resulting in more chances for leakage.

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Exterior Drainage System

Footing drains are used to drain rainwater away from the house and yard. However, footing drains clog as fine particles in the soil along with other small objects enter the drainage system with water. Which will eventually block the pipelines and footing drains become ineffective. This raises the chances of water leaking through the walls.

Footing Drain Installation

When footing drains are installed it can be crushed close by soil during the backfilling process, collapsing the whole drainage system. Without proper the proper method and installation, your basement will be more prone to water leaks.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When water is trapped together in great volumes they exert a force known as hydrostatic pressure. Clogged drain pipes can trap water and loose soil can allow higher volumes to water to enter the ground. Together with water pressure will be immensely high, such high pressures can weaken the joints between the blocks of the foundation wall and create gaps and cracks.

Rely on United Structural Systems for Solution to All Causes of Basement Leak

We are an experienced foundation repair & waterproofing company in Illinois, serving waterproofing solutions to the homeowners in the local area. Regardless of the cause of the basement leak, whether it is a wall leak, clogged drain, or exterior drainage failure, United Structural Systems has a solution for it. We serve Brookfield, Clarendon Hills, Dundee, Deerfield, and more cities throughout Illinois. When you need assistance regarding basement water leak, Contact United Structural Systems right away at 847-607-1202 or reach us online.