Battery Back-Up Installation, a Waterproofing Solution in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

Battery Back-up Installation Waterproofing For Chicago Il

Do you often worry about having a wet basement when you return from vacation? Battery back-up pumps in your basement will keep your basement from encountering water damage, so you can have peace of mind. During storms, the electricity may go out causing a primary sump pump to stop working. This could flood your basement, damage your personal belongings, discolor carpet and promote mold growth. To prevent this from occurring to your basement, you need to invest in a battery back-up battery pump by United Structural Systems. We are the waterproofing experts that specialize in installing battery back-up pumps for residents in the Chicago and Hoffman Estates, IL area.

Floods are more common than natural disasters, causing homes to become affected with water damage. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars on replacing furnishings, foundation repair and mold remediation. With A battery back-up pump, it will alert you with an alarm that sounds if the water level is too high.

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Then it turns on if the primary sump pump stops working due to power outage or too much water. battery back-up pump are installed at the lowest area of your home which is usually in the basement to pump out water that has entered the area. A battery back-up pump works with a sump pit which is a hole in the ground that is designed to hold water.

Benefits of Battery Back-up Pumps in Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland area

The battery back-up pump is a very affordable and effective system that requires little maintenance. For this reason, it is the most preferred when it comes to safeguarding your home from water damage in the Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland area

It also offers the following benefits:

  • Greater water flow capacity
  • Recharges a depleted battery while operating the pump
  • Able to leave you home for long hours without worrying about floods
  • Monitors water levels
  • Continues to run during storms
  • Protects your valuables against water damage
  • Prevents toxic mold growth
  • Increases your home's value
  • Guards against pest infestations

Since primary pumps don't last forever, a battery back-up pump can protect our home from floods in the case of a primary pump failure. Contact with United Structural today so we can help keep your basement safe and dry for many years to come. Battery back-up sump pumps will also improve the air quality of your entire home. Contact us today for quality service in the Hoffman Estates and Chicagoland area