Basement Waterproofing In Chicago

Do you have a problem with water seepage or water entering your basement or crawlspace when it rains? United Structural Systems of Illinois offers basement waterproofing services throughout the Chicago area.


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Our Basement Waterproofing services

United Structural Systems has been providing basement waterproofing solutions in Chicago since 1995. Our waterproofing services include the following:

  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Interior Drain Tile Systems
  • Exterior Drainage Systems
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Gutter Downspout and Discharge Line Burial
  • Window Well and Window Well Drain Installation
  • Sump Pit and Pump Installation
  • Battery-Back Up Installation

Foundation Cracks

Seepage thru foundation cracks/rock pockets and around pipe penetrations in wall from plumbing and water lines may be a sign that you need basement waterproofing services. Click foundation cracks to be brought to our Foundation crack page for our various methods to repair any foundation crack.

If you see a foundation crack call our office and schedule a technician to come out A.S.A.P. for fastest service. No need for a salesperson or estimator to come out. Call and our office staff will explain the process and book right over the phone with you.

One call one visit and no more seepage through foundation cracks with a lifetime transferable warranty.

If you would like to have a professionally trained and experienced estimator come look at the cracks to offer an estimate for basement repair and waterproofing services, we will set an appointment to meet with you.

Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile System
Interior Drain Tile System

If you have a problem of water entering your basement through cracks in the basement floor or water entering the basement at the cove joint (Cove: where the floor slab and foundation wall meet) the repair needed is the installation of a new sub-floor drain tile system.

Hydrostatic pressure from too much ground water puts pressure on your basement or crawlspace floor and can cause water to seep in through floor cracks or the cove joint in the wall. This can cause standing water in your basement or crawlspace creating a damp, humid and unhealthy living space.

Installation of a new interior sub-floor drain tile system includes removal of the existing floor around the perimeter of the basement approximately 10-12 inches. Excavating and removing the soil or non- functioning original drain tile next to the footing creating a trench around the perimeter of the basement or crawlspace. Clean #6 wash-stone is layed in the bottom of the trench. New 4” rigid pvc or corrugated drain tile is installed based on the given property and problem. The drain tile is then completely covered and surrounded by #6 wash- stone to ensure the highest amount of water flow.

The drain tile is connected to a new sump pit installed level to floor height. A sump pump is installed and a discharge line to the exterior of the home is installed to empty the sump pit of water.

The floor is then re-poured and finished with new concrete for basements. If it is a crawlspace the stone is leveled to the top of the footing.


  • For full basements new vapor barrier wall shield can be installed encapsulating the wall and creating a fully closed drain tile system from top of the wall to drain tile. This is ideal and a must for those intending on finishing a basement after drain tile is installed.
  • For crawl spaces we recommend at the very least a vapor barrier on the floor or for total encapsulation installing a crawl space liner.

Exterior Drainage System

If interior work is not an option installation of drain tile and membrane can be installed from the exterior of a basement.

  • A backhoe is used to excavate a trench to bottom of the foundation footing. If a basement this is a 8-9ft excavation by 36inches from home.
  • New drain tile is installed on exterior next to footing.
  • Drain tile is surrounded with #6 wash-stone.
  • The foundation wall on the exterior is covered from grade to footing level with drainage membrane Bituthane 3000 or HLM 5000 sealant depending on the project.
  • Drain Tile is connected to the sump pit and pump.
  • Backfill all exterior soil and yard clean up.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

A dirt or gravel crawlspace is typically damp and saturated with moisture. Warm air rises and with that the moisture in the crawl space rises and enters your home or commercial building. By installing a sealed vapor barrier, this provides the crawl space with a moisture protection layer to protect the building from the damaging effects of moisture such as mold, odors, insects, increased energy costs and damage to wooden floor joists. Moisture and damp humidity from a crawl can cause or worsen medical conditions such as allergies and asthma.

Have USS encapsulate your crawl space and start taking advantage of reducing condensation, mold growth and inhibiting the migration of moisture and soil gas such as Radon. Improve the air quality with crawlspace encapsulation and other basement waterproofing services! Now use your crawl for storage and give it a clean, bright and professional look.

Fantastic for resale and installs in one day.

Sump Discharge and Gutter Downspout Burial

If your gutters downspouts and sump pump discharge right outside your foundation you are creating a problem that can slowly lead to major repairs and high costs. When water exits discharge and gutter lines next to the house it increases the amount of water going to the drain tile system and can increase the amount of debris and silt that can clog a drainage system sooner and result in backing the drainage system up causing flooding and seepage in basement.

Have USS connect the gutters and discharge line of your home to underground solid PVC and bring the water away from the house. The underground discharge lines can be run to small basins or bubblers or in some cases connect to storm sewers located in back yards.

Window Well Installation and Window Well Drain Installation

Are your Window wells rusted, bent, detached from the home or just plain ugly?USS will excavate and install new galvanized steel or molded plastic window wells to replace the existing damaged or non functioning window wells.

We install full egress and escape window wells as well as half window wells. We order window wells custom fit to your home and install within one day.

Window well drains not functioning and window well fills with water during heavy rains.

If your existing window wells are in good condition but the existing drains no longer function correctly and the well fills with water USS can help. The existing drains run to the bottom of the foundation footing and typically connect at a “T” and run to the existing perimeter drain tile. Over time theses drains can fill with leaves, dirt, stone, and debris causing the drains to clog at that “T“ connection and not properly drain the well. USS can help by excavating around the window well or in some cased from inside the well if it is an escape well to get to the clogged area and repair the connection. Install a new “T” connection to the drain tile and a new drain in the well. The well is then backfilled with clean #6 wash stone to ensure proper drainage.

Sump Pit and Pump Installation

If your existing sump pit is damaged, broken if clay constructed, cracked if concrete constructed, too shallow, too small or not deep enough USS will break and remove the existing sump pit. We can install the proper size sump pit at that location or in some cases fill in that area and relocate the sump pit to a new location.

We remove the existing pit, dig and install new proper size pvc sump pit with tight safe lid. Surround with new clean #6 wash stone and pour concrete around pit and finish the floor properly.

Installation of new primary sump pit

Replacement of your primary sump pump should be done every 4-5 years. It is impossible to tell when a sump pump will quit but it is never at a good time. Contact USS to install a new sump pump when the time comes. We install 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 horse power pumps based on the size of the home, drain tile length and sump pit location and discharge. New quiet check valve and pvc above grade discharge is included in installation.

Installation of Storm Pro Battery Back–up System

A battery back-up system is a must for all homeowners who have a finished basement. Also for all homeowners who value any object and storage item in the un-finished basement.

USS installs Storm Pro Battery Back-up Systems. The best in the flood control market. Storm Pro automatically converts to 12V battery when the power goes out or runs off 115V electricity when power is on.

The system is designed to automatically kick on and convert to 120V battery power when the power goes out or automatically run off electricity if the power is on and the primary pump fails or cannot keep up with water flow to pit in heavy rains.

  • AGM non maintenance required battery is included.
  • Indication lights to tell you system status at all times.

You can also download the Storm Pro Battery Back-up Systems information. Please read the specs and call USS to install your new Storm Pro Battery back-up System.

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