Frequently Asked Foundation Repair Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions.

What will my foundation repair cost?

I hear a lot about different foundation repair systems. What sets USS apart from the rest?

Aren't most of the foundation repair products in the marketplace comparable?

Some helical pier contractors advocate pipe-based products, while others push solid square-shaft helical anchors. Which is better?

Should I be concerned about corrosion and corrosion protection when I'm considering steel foundation support piers?

Aren't most helical piers anchors furnished with some kind of corrosion protection?

I have quotes from different contractors who are proposing varying numbers of steel piers to support the same area of my building. Who is correct?

I have an existing building that's experienced considerable settling. There are sizable cracks and the floor is out of level. One contractor claims he can close the cracks and "level everything up". The other is apprehensive about promising such an outcome and is advising me to exercise caution. Who is right?

I have a proposal from a contractor who is offering a much longer warranty than a competing company. How important is 25-year or "lifetime" warranty as opposed to shorter ones?

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