Getting Ready for the Winter Months with Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing Chicagoland

As Chicago area homeowners and business owners, don’t we all know how hard a Chicagoland Winter can be? Lake effect snow, blowing snow, melting snow. We see all of the above and more, including ice! All of these things can wreak havoc on our foundations. You need to be prepared with foundation waterproofing Chicagoland solutions from United Structural Systems.

A few smart things you can do as a homeowner is to prepare with a sump pump installation. When snow melts, it can melt quickly causing a build up of water around your foundation. This can cause a few different kinds of issues. It can cause water to back up into your basement or crawlspace, and it can put pressure on the walls of your foundation causing them to bow or lean.

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Then you will need foundation repair including wall anchors to pull those bowing and leaning walls back into place. With a sump pump from USS, you can be sure that water will be pumped safely away from your foundation and basement. We can also install a battery backup pump. This way, if you have a power outage you will still be safe.

Foundation Waterproofing Chicagoland Solutions

We also offer exterior drainage systems to move water away from your foundation and yard. Through a series of pipes and drains we can move water that might be pooling around your foundation and home and moves it out of your yard. We offer all kinds of solutions. So be prepared, Winter will be here before you know it, and United Structural Systems can help you make sure you are ready. Give us a call today to get you setup with foundation waterproofing Chicagoland solutions so you won’t have any worries this Winter! Give is a call today for an estimate. We have engineers and staff available to get you started today.

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