Winter Is Coming - Prepare Your Chicago Home with Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing in Chicago IL

Preparing your home for winter in the Chicago area can involve many different types of things. One of them should include making sure your basement waterproofing in Chicago IL is setup before the cold weather sets in. Even though the rainy season is in the spring, and many people think this is the worst time of year for basements, the winter months can be just as bad. When the ground is above a freezing temperature, snow melts instantly turning into water so it would be the same effect as if it had rained. When the ground is below freezing temperatures, the snow will accumulate and when the temperature rises, it’s like a torrent rain.

Basement waterproofing Chicago IL

As the water accumulates near your foundation, the water seeps through into your basement. Then when the temperature drops suddenly, this water freezes again which can weaken your foundation. As this freezing and thawing occurs, cracks will form and grow larger from the ice. This will allow even more water to enter the basement. To get your basement waterproofing in Chicago IL needs done before the winter, United Structural Systems is your professional basement waterproofing experts.

Foundation Waterproofing in Chicago

Don’t wait until the winter months have set in. Get your foundation waterproofing done before the ground is frozen, making it difficult to dig. If you see cracks and leaks or your basement floor has ugly cracks, these are a few of the signs of foundation damage. When your basement gets wet, this can cause issues due to the mold and mildew that forms.

United Structural Support has the solutions for your basement waterproofing Chicago IL needs. We have several options to offer for whatever your waterproofing needs are. We offer sump pumps installation and repair along with battery backups. Along with heavy snow that comes to the Chicago area in winter, the electricity can go out on several occasions due to buildup of the snow and ice on the power lines. That is why it is a good idea to have a battery backup system along with the sump pump.

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Another waterproofing service we offer is an interior drainage system. This system diverts the water away from the foundation and basement walls. This installation is quick and efficient. The exterior drainage system we offer takes any water that pools around the foundation and moves it away from the foundation.

United Structural Systems also offers crawlspace encapsulation. This includes installing a vapor barrier along with vent sealing, drainage system and crawlspace dehumidification and sir circulation.

Our company is the leader in basement waterproofing in Chicago IL area, committed to serving our customers with the best solutions to their basement waterproofing problems. Winter is coming, let us come and take a look at your waterproofing needs and answer any questions you have. It is a good idea to have your home prepared for the winter. Contact us for a free estimate today.