Wall Bracing Chicagoland

Wall Bracing Chicagoland

The Chicagoland area has quite a few older homes. Some are beautiful and historic, in great older neighborhoods. Many of them suffer from the same foundation problem. Walls that, over time have begun to lean, bow, or crack. In these cases, United Structural Systems has many options that can help. Depending on your specific situation, we can use one of these options to lend support to your foundation walls, and make your house last for years and years to come. It will also add value to your home, which is always a great thing. For any wall bracing Chicagoland needs you have, you can turn to USS.

Wall Support Chicagoland Options

Here are the different bracing options you have from USS:

i-Beams: i-Beams can be tricky. If they aren’t of the right quality and aren’t installed correctly, it can cause your home’s upper floors to collapse. United Structural Systems uses only the highest quality i-Beam support systems to ensure that you have long lasting support. Our i-Beams are tested and our installation engineers are highly qualified.

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i-Beams have been used as a structural support for years, and the i-Beam solutions from USS of Illinois are sure to work. Contact our engineers to make sure this is the right solution for your home.

Carbon Fiber Strips: Carbon fiber is a strong, “green” option for bracing your bowing and leaning walls. Most people don’t even realize that carbon fiber is used for wall bracing. One of the great things about carbon fiber bracing is that you get all of the support with none of the loss of living space. It is a great solution in basements that are actual living space. Carbon fiber bracing is very specialized, so you definitely want to contact the professionals at USS, as they have lots of experience in carbon fiber bracing. They can tell you if this is the correct solution for your budget and problem.

Helical Tiebacks or Wall Anchors: These devices are installed in the ground around your home and attached to the problematic wall. They then can pull the wall back into place and keep it there for a very long time. These are proven tools in foundation repair. We use the best products available and have installation engineers to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

So consider the options and call the team with the know how to get your wall bracing Chicagoland jobs done right. Call today and make an appointment!

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