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At United Structural Systems our dedication to market leadership does not stop with a commitment to customer service. The dedication to serve is a core belief of our company and a key to our success. We believe that it is a not an obligation but a privilege granted to our organization by our customers to share with others less fortunate during the holidays.

United Structural Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the Santa Cause, a local charity with a mission that is hard not to embrace.

The Santa Cause was founded by Pat Donlea, a project estimator with United Structural Systems, based on the principle “pay it forward” by giving back to the community during the holiday season. To make Christmas “happen” for every child was something he saw as a basic need. As a place to start, he chose rather than to receive random candles, bottles of liquor and gift cards given to him by friends and family at his annual holiday party, to ask for people to bring an unwrapped gift or toy. Reaching out to local charities, Pat asked “Do you need donations”. Not only was their reply “yes”, but “you answered our prayers”.

Knowing how easy it was for him to do, Pat wanted to share the opportunity. With the help of a group of close friends, and resources donated by United Structural Systems the Santa Cause was created...

Over the past 7 years, Santa Cause has donated gifts to local charities during the holiday season, reaching more than 7,000 families. Said Jim Wogan Volunteer Coordinator for Catholic Charities Lake County IL; “The donations provided by Santa Cause often help our organization provide gifts to families who register late for our program. Working together with the Santa Cause team I have had the pleasure of watching what started as a small group of friends grow into a large network of people who want to give back during the holiday season. With so many in need and so few resources, it’s nice to have the extra support of everyday people just wanting to lend a hand.”

One man who has embraced the Santa Cause concept from its inception is Lou Manfredini, Chicago radio and national television personality Mr. Fix-it. A proud “Party with a Purpose” host, Lou takes time out of his radio show each Holiday Season to promote Santa Cause with Pat Donlea as his guest. Listen for Pat on WGN this holiday season, or visit the Santa Cause website for more information on how you can help.

The Santa Cause website provides everything you need to have your own “Party with a Purpose”. There are answers to frequently asked questions about the gift donations, contact information for gift pick up and information on organizations you will help.

About Santa Cause:

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Santa Cause is an organization not affiliated with any other local charity or group. The Santa Cause mission is to supplement the resources of existing non-for-profit organizations by helping them meet the needs of their clientele during the holiday season. Santa Cause provides you all the tools necessary for turning your traditional family, company or organization party into a “Party with a Purpose”.